Energizing Body Oil



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This deeply herbalized oil helps increase circulation and move built-up kapha, to restore our innate and natural energy.

Our bodies love this warm and herbalized oil, stimulating, activating and revitalizing, to body, mind, and to spirit. Enjoy a light, soothing self-massage before you shower to nourish your skin, energize your nervous system, and keep you in ideal balance. As an herbaly-rich body oil, apply a bit after a shower, and enjoy the benefits through the day and night.

How To Use
Start with dry, un-moisturized skin. If you’re using the body brush, begin at your extremities and work your way inward towards your heart, using long, light strokes on your long bones and circular strokes on you joints. Once you finish brushing your entire body, do a self-abhyanga using herbalized oil and take a shower. If you’re using the smaller facial brush, gently brush the face using short upward strokes.

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