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WHAT IT IS: Love to get sweaty? You better GET SALTY, first. HigherDose magnesium spray proactively replenishes the skin with the vital electrolytes you are about to sweat out – while helping your body efficiently absorb all of Magnesium’s benefits: from calming effects to muscle relief to restorative sleep.

WHAT IT DOES: 100% magnesium & purified water Spritz body before a sweat session Deepen your sweat session Relax your mind and body

HOW TO USE IT: We sourced our Magnesium from the Zechstein Sea, the purest Magnesium source in the world. This ancient seabed is now deep beneath the Earth’s surface, keeping its Mg source pollutant-free and incomparably potent. Why are we so SALTY? Magnesium is an essential mineral that is responsible for over 300 vital functions in our bodies.

The benefits of adequate Magnesium supplies include: hormone balance, skin health, efficient detoxification processes, balanced mood, and improved muscle recovery.

Yet 67% of Americans are deficient.
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