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The Rae Morris Invisible Mattifier is a completely transparent clear ‘gel like’ powder which is applied to the skin for a mattifying and velvety finish.

On top of makeup it perfectly absorbs the sheen and gives the skin a more ‘velvety appearance’, and when used on its own, it mattifies the skin with a silky smooth finish. Perfect for EVERY skin tone and ideal for both men and women!


In addition to its light diffusing properties, the Rae Morris Invisible Mattifier is infused with hydrating PCA to keep the skin soft and supple. It is perfect for everyday use either on top of makeup or on its own. The Rae Morris Invisible Mattifier is the ultimate ‘selfie’ accessory to remove that unwanted shine , and it’s perfect for both minimal makeup users and anyone who loves a light to medium foundation coverage.

Note, this is does NOT replace heavier powders that are used for ‘baking’ – Think of it like the most perfect longer lasting ‘blotting paper’ that you can use over and over again throughout the day, but with better oil absorption technology than the paper.


  • Animal Cruelty Free (Not tested on animals)
  • Vegan
  • Made in Italy

Active Ingredients: PCA (Pyrroidone Carboxylic Group), Spherical Silicone Elastomer Powder

Ingredients (complete): Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Pca Dimethicone, Silica

The soft focus/mattifying effect is due to silicone resin microspheres which have special optical properties – they spread light in every direction! When the powder is applied, the resin helps ‘fill’ irregularities in the skin (small wrinkles, imperfections, signs of age, acne scars etc), interferes with light reflection by directing it in all directions, which helps reduces the visibility of the pores and imperfections by removing the sense of depth. The result is a smoother, less shiny, natural appearance.

Invisible Mattifier already has a cult following from not only world renowned makeup artists, but for super models who have to wear makeup on a daily basis:

I’ve had the extreme pleasure to work with Rae Morris for so many years !! This woman knows skin and makeup . I love this product so much.The invisible mattifier works wonders for me, because I have oily skin. Rae would always use the invisible mattifier on me for every photoshoot, event and even for my wedding day! No mess or excess dust ….it’s genius. Obsessed

Shanina Shaik (International Supermodel, LA)

‘Perfect texture to look satiny on the skin and looks totally clear! Doesn’t change the colour of anything under it, just makes it matte, perfected and gorgeous. As a working makeup artist, this is an ESSENTIAL in my kit. Soooo good…Need multiples so I never run out.’

Sarah Laidlaw, Australian Makeup Artist of the Year (2016/17)

‘Rae Morris is a genius!! This mattifier is INCREDIBLE!! Seriously can’t live without having it in my kit! This is a MUST for any serious make-up artist.’

Pete Lennon (world renowned editorial hair stylist and makeup artist)

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