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Hydrate | Stimulate | Energize – 3.4 oz./100 ml

Centuries of wellness practices have recognized the circulation-boosting properties of heat therapy while civilizations as old as time have relied on the mineral-rich soils of volcanic-dusted earth. Using innovative Lava Gel® — a soothing, self-heating technology — this mask brings the power of both to your skincare routine. Heat helps send the repair-stimulating benefits of 12 essential minerals deep into the epidermis to strengthen and regenerate at the cellular level. Hydrates, refreshes, and leaves skin glowing.


  • Black Lava Rock – This mineral-rich volcanic stone helps support skin’s barrier and microbiome.
  • Marine Algae (Red & Brown) – This seaweed is an ancient and abundant source of the vitamins, proteins and moisture skin needs to perform at its best.
  • Hibiscus – The extract of this vibrant bloom supports natural collagen production, the foundation of firm skin.
  • Magnesium & Iron – Elemental to function and structure, these minerals are key to the efficiency of the natural regeneration cycle within skin cells.
  • Natural Minerals, Black Lava Rock, Magnesium, Iron, Kelp, Marine Algae, Glycerin And Hibiscus (Essential Oils).

How to use: Cleanse face before using. Open pouch at top. Do not remove mask from pouch.
Fill pouch with warm tap water (Max. 110°F or 43°C). Wait 30 to 60 seconds.
Massage pouch to disperse water. Pour out excess. Push up from bottom of pouch to remove mask.
Apply serum or oil under self-heating mask. Relax for 15-20 minutes, then lift off mask and discard. Cleanse face and follow with moisturizer.

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“The lava is so rich in minerals it’s a perfect barrier and support to skin barrier. Winter just got more wonderful with this addition.”