Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson Magazine – Spring/Summer 2023





Bring your dynamic truth to life. The 2023 Spring/Summer issue of Tracy Anderson Magazine is now available.

The Expression Issue features 170+ pages of colorful interviews, essays, and recipes. From artists’ perspectives on the importance of genuine self-expression, to doctors’ advice on how to transcend toxic relationships to honor your true self, every piece finds beauty in imperfection, complexity, and authenticity.

“This magazine is your expert-approved, science-filled, love-driven prescription to express the glowy, sparkling, sexiest version of you. ” Tracy Anderson writes in her Letter from the Editor.

So, what can you expect from the Expression Issue? Here’s a preview:

  • Go Off-Script and Get Inspired With Insights From the Magnetic Maggie Gyllenhaal

  • Transform Your Home With Every Top Designers’ Secret Weapon, by Casa Gusto

  • No Shame, Just Sex–With Africa Brooke

  • Your Food Isn’t Feeding You. Dr. Zach Bush Can Help You Fix That

  • Aging Slow, Juicy, and Hot With Carol L. Roberts

  • A Story of the Brain, by Sandeep Jauhar

  • Illuminate Your Body With 50+ Wholesome Recipes From Our World-Class Resident Chefs

  • And so much more…


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Print copies will begin shipping in May.