Tracy Anderson






Join Tracy as she guides you through 6 effective 10-minute workouts. A variety of the workouts will target one specific area of the body including arms and shoulders, legs, abs or butt. Others will help tighten and tone multiple muscle zones including the upper and lower body.


•   Sculpted Arms & Shoulders (10 MIN) — In 10 min arms, Tracy leads you through her traditional arm workouts both using your own body as a resistance and various hand weights. Here you will be moving at an upbeat tempo – engaging as many of the upper body and arm muscles as possible for toned, sculpted arms.

•   Tight & Toned Butt (10 MIN) — With no time to spare, Tracy will kick your workout into high gear. With optional light ankle weights you will tone and lift your butt doing a series of kneeling exercises.

•   Firm Flat Abs (10 MIN) — Using non-traditional moves to work the abs in every position, this 10 minute ab workout incorporates standing, plank, and crunch ab work to ensure a flat, firm stomach.

•   Long Lean Legs (10 MIN) — In this segment, Tracy will lead you through various standing and mat work exercises, with and without ankle weights, incorporating the inner and outer thigh for a balanced, long, and lean leg.

•   Upper Body Express (10 MIN) — Here you will use every muscle in your upper body to complete this express workout, using light hand weights, planks, and presses.

•   Lower Body Express (10 MIN): — Incorporating Tracy’s signature sculpting mat workout, your lower body will feel the burn with twists, kicks, lunges and more.


One set of 3lb hand weights, one set of 1-2 pound ankle weights, and one Method Mat.


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