Sun-Tzu Sanitizing Essence Spray



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This high-performance essence is known for its cleansing properties; a fusion of fragrance and antibacterial spray. It sanitizes and uplifts energy when sprayed all over the body.

Infused SUN-TZU fragrance. Notes of coffee bean for alertness, orange flower to invigorate, balanced with french lavender.

  • Natural Origin Fragrance
  • Upcycled Ingredients
  • Essential Oils
  • Highly Biodegradable Fragrance
  • Made with Ingredients from Green Chemistry


  • Canadian Willow Herb :: Natural Antibacterial Agent

How to use
Spray onto any area of the body needing refreshment and protection.

Beyond the hands- use on any part of the body.

Effective on surfaces: fitness equipment, mats, machines and desks

Smells Like

Top :: Lemon, Grapefruit, Coconut Milk

Middle :: French Lavender, Vanilla Orchid, Orange Flower

Base :: Tonka, Coffee Bean, Brown Sugar


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