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Vital Veggies

Welcome to Vital Veggies! Dive into a week of wholesome vegan breakfasts with our flavorful menu. Start your mornings with Cookie Dough Overnight Oats – a delightful blend of almond butter, vanilla, and coconut milk, topped with nuts or chocolate chips. For a savory twist, try Edamame and Avocado Toast with Teriyaki Mushrooms – a fusion of creamy avocado, teriyaki-glazed shiitake mushrooms, and zesty edamame on toasted bread. Craving something sweet? Indulge in Warm Berry Compote with Granola – a homemade granola mix paired with a berry compote made from frozen mixed berries, orange juice, and a touch of coconut sugar. Drizzle it over vegan yogurt for a delightful treat. From nutrient-packed bites to garden-fresh delights, each dish is crafted with care to ensure a week of delicious and energizing experiences. Get ready to savor the goodness of Vital Veggies and let the excitement for the week ahead begin