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August 15, 2022
By: TA Editorial Team

As an advocate for the no-makeup, makeup movement, Dotti believes the foundation of a glowing foundation begins with proper skincare—and we at TA agree. We spoke with the beauty guru about her decades-long career (which includes working for the legendary Pat McGrath), her latest collab with Tracy, and her do’s and don’ts when it comes to achieving your best skin ever.

dotti interview

Tell us about your experience as a beauty guru. How did you get your start?

It all started when I assisted and studied under my friend and mentor, Richard Sharah—an iconic makeup artist who had a lot of influence in creating some of the most renowned looks for people in the music and entertainment industry. Following that, I branched out on my own to do more of the creative work that I wanted to do and in that time I became part of the show team for Pat McGrath.

Since then, 17 years have passed and I have been fortunate to work with top class talent for different brands and global publications. The one thing that has remained the same throughout my journey has been my dedication to seeing what’s next and figuring out how to help people with their skin needs. This has become a true passion for me and I strive to make sure that my philosophies become part of my daily work and routine.

How did you and Tracy first meet?

Tracy and I met on a very New York kind of night, at a concert. A close friend sat us next to each other and, through banter and conversation, I realized that I was sitting next to someone who I had admired for ages not only because of her fitness method but also her holistic approach to wellness and the way that she empowers women.

tracy anderson skincare

Tell us about your collaboration with TA. What does it mean to you and what can people expect from it? What excites you about it?

I’m thrilled to be partnering with TA. After our new New York concert experience, Tracy and I worked together on a shoot she did for one of her endorsements. When she sat in my chair, I was able to show her my passion for the treatment of skin and how it’s the foundation for natural beauty. It really is something that not only makes a woman more beautiful than she already is, but also empowers her to be comfortable in her own skin. Since Tracy has sensitive skin, I went into my beauty closet and gave her products and a routine that would help her with her sensitive areas. And from that, the idea of collaborating on a special project was born. We’ve created an online beauty store with amazing products that are totally curated for the needs of the consumer. We’re going to cut out the confusion at the retail level of what to buy and create a shopping experience that is easy and gets you what you need. The products themselves will be the star of the show as we’re looking to mix both Western and Eastern products to have the proper variety that people often seek but never find.

Are there things you consider overrated and underrated in terms of beauty/skincare?

Skin is such a personal journey as you find the products that will work for you the best. The experience that one person has with one product may not be the same experience for someone else. We have so much out there in the beauty world—from the most economical basic product to the most high end product ranges—the individual’s experience will be different.

Do you have a tried and true skincare/beauty tip you recommend everyone start implementing?

Of course! I have several! First is massaging your skin to help sculpt, release tensions, lymphatic drainage, and to bring a natural glow back into your skin. Water is essential! Drinking two liters in the morning before 1:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., you drink another liter. After 5:00 p.m., consume small amounts of water as needed. Remember: There are tools out there that really do a lot of the heavy lifting for skincare, like jade rollers, quartz balls, and gua sha (all to be kept in a freezer before using on the face). Excessive hot water on the face is a no-go. Just don’t do it. A good enzyme peel is totally necessary to bring the skin back to life. Also remember that what you put into your body affects your skin, so be conscious of what you consume. And lastly, if you’re feeling adventurous, a head stand every once in a while is great to bring blood flow back to the face.

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