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May 4, 2022
By: TA Editorial Team

The following piece originally appeared as “Next-Level Curation” in the Spring 2022 issue of Tracy Anderson Magazine, available now for digital download and print orders.

From fashion designer to CEO, Rachel Zoe is an icon. Her work as a celebrity stylist defined the boho-chic era of noughties fashion, which had women around the world in big sunglasses and ethereal, ‘70s-style dresses. Her look taps into the divine feminine, but always with an edge. Today, she has released countless collections, spearheaded business ventures—like her premier shopping membership, CURATEUR—starred in TV series, and most recently launched a podcast with husband Rodger Berman. We took a moment to ask Rachel about style, work, motherhood, and what it takes to reinvent your wardrobe.

What are your tips for reinventing our wardrobes post-quarantine? In your opinion, should we be donating our sweatpants, or can we style our leisure wear in new ways for a new era?

RZ: I think you have to look at how you live your life, if you work from home sitting behind your computer, you should feel free to be your most comfortable self. If you are going out into the real world and are going to be presenting yourself to clients, I would consider stepping it up a bit. It can be small steps like adding a bold earring or a dramatic necklace to dress up your basic jeans and sweater look, or maybe consider putting on a small heel instead of sneakers. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort—just give it a bit more style.

What’s one trend you’re excited to see resurrected, and one you’d prefer to stay buried in the past?

RZ: I think the ‘90s grunge era was very much about comfort and oversized clothing. I think in this pandemic life that we’ve been living, it’s an easy go-to for being comfortable while still being stylish. From a beauty perspective, I love the neutral palette and the slick wet hair but I never want to see the shaved skinny eyebrows of the ‘90s again that ruined so many eyebrows forever.

rachel zoe style tips

Courtesy of Rachel Zoe

When feeling stuck in a rut, a good wardrobe refresh can make you feel like a new person. Do you have a spring cleaning ritual for your closet?

RZ: I think for a closet refresh it is important to look at the things you haven’t worn in forever and can’t imagine where you would ever wear it again. These are the pieces you have to part with because they are taking up valuable real estate in your closet. My best advice is to have a go-to uniform in the most visible area of your closet—your favorite jeans and black trousers, favorite T-shirt, blouse, and blazer—so you can mix and match when you are in a hurry, which is always the best approach to daily dressing. For a seasonal refresh, the easiest way to do it is with a new pair of shoes, a bag, or a fun jacket you can throw over everything. Fun jewelry that doesn’t have to be very expensive or a new lipstick color are also complete game changers for a seasonal refresh.

Do you find that motherhood has influenced your approach to style over the course of your career?

RZ: Most definitely. Since becoming a mother I only wear my very precious items when I am out at things where my children are not with me. I will, without question, get chocolate on anything that I wear when my kids are around so I tend to be more practical in my approach. I always wear darker, deep colors when I’m with my children. I like to keep it fashionable but still functional.

You make luxury fashion accessible with CURATEUR. What do you hope members take away from each curated experience?

RZ: My mission is to inspire and empower all women to live a life of style and glamour, and so, too, is the purpose of our premier shopping membership. What I love most about CURATEUR is that we get to provide our extraordinary community of members access to curated products and exclusive benefits, each thoughtfully chosen to ensure members feel brighter and more beautiful inside and out.

During the pandemic, you started the Works for Us podcast with your husband. What’s one thing about being a podcast host that has surprised you?

RZ: One thing that’s surprised me is how organic each podcast has been. Some guests have been personal friends and some I have not known at all, but they’ve all been very conversational, candid, and honest. I’m shocked at how much fun it is and how different each conversation is. I would describe it as very honest and open conversations about what makes different relationships work.

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