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October 13, 2021
By: TA Editorial Team

Lima Chimoné is a South Africa-based member of our TAmily, a supportive community of Tracy Anderson Method devotees who strive to design a life of balance. Connect with Lima (@lyminatam on Instagram) and follow us (@tracyandersononlinestudio on Instagram) to stay up to date on all things TAM.

lima chimone

Courtesy of Lima Chimoné

Lima Chimoné’s Tracy Anderson Method Journey

My journey started in February 2014. I was looking for a workout that I could enjoy and commit to. This may come as a surprise, but I don’t like exercise! Nothing I attempted took; after no longer dancing competitively, I was left longing for a physical connection and release. I came across the video of Nicole Richie (huge fan!) and Tracy dancing together on YouTube; my interest was piqued and I read up more about the Tracy Anderson Method. I tracked down some Dance Cardio DVDs and we hit it off right away. I was hooked! I discovered the Original MAT DVD, then moved on to Metamorphosis Omnicentric. After I was a couple of levels into Continuity, streaming dropped and I’ve been there since the beginning and never looked back!

“I’m grateful for this Method and to myself that I started in my early 20s, so I can age as gracefully and strong as I can.”

This Method has taken a broken, lost, insecure young woman with no self-love or confidence and a history of disordered eating sprinkled with poor self-image and turned her into a much better, stronger woman who is now much more resilient, connected, graceful, and happy. Plus, I get to dance my heart out and keep that deep and passionate spark alive! I’ve had so many changes throughout the years to my physical, emotional, and mental self, more than I can fit on a list. Sure I have my bad days, but it’s part of the growing process. I’m grateful for this Method and to myself that I started in my early 20s, so I can age as gracefully and strong as I can. I’m not even worried about approaching 30 and beyond. I’m excited to see and feel where this journey will continue to take me; it has transformed me on the inside as much as on the outside, so much so that it’s given me the confidence to take on modeling again, a lifelong passion that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have all the tools this Method has gifted me.

Mind, Body, and Soul

The Tracy Anderson Method has given me the ability to truly listen to my inner voice, decipher my emotions, look for solutions, and to fill my daily cup so I can give to others. I got rid of weight as well as self-hate; I shaped beautiful and strong lines and a much better relationship with myself. I know when to push forward and when to pull back; when I should eat the chocolate or not; when it’s an Advanced/atTAin + Dance Cardio day or Intermediate only; in fact, the speaker is so loud that I even know when I should add more heat and humidity or not. That said, no matter what I do, I give it my best! This journey is not just an exercise program; if you commit yourself completely, I guarantee a lifelong spiritual journey and some solid inside conversation. It restores the balance and nurturing that sadly seems to be lost these days. Take it from me, I was lost once, too.