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January 8, 2020
By: Sierra Asplundh

Catherine Foutermann is from Brooklyn, NY – find and follow her on Instagram here: @catfoufou

My story

Two years ago, I started with the TA Online Studio after the birth of my son. Getting started post-pregnancy was no cakewalk. Not only was my body physically weak, I was also not anticipating the emotional toll of the questions, criticisms and obvious eye rolls:

You’re a new mom, you need to just take it slow.

Just love your new mom body.

Are you making time for your new family? Exercise should be last on your list.

And of course my own mother: “Instead of Tracy, you should learn to cook! How will your son eat?!

I remember watching women on social media doing TA in their living rooms, basements, garages, hotel bathrooms, and thinking they had to be freaks of nature. The dedication to hitting the mat every day was on another level. I was convinced they were fitness models, athletes, or maybe not real people at all (most likely holograms)! But I soon learned that many of them were busy mothers, partners, and leaders who just committed to getting it done.

And then something clicked for me. My own progress would not come from spending energy thinking about other people. This practice was about me and only me.

Daily streaming turned into starting my own fitness-focused Instagram account so I could connect with this online community, which turned into monthly studio visits, and finally a full membership surrounded by like-minded warriors.

Each new class is a reminder that life will be tough, weird, and that there will be moments where I fail spectacularly, but I deserve this time to myself without question.

And that this time makes me a stronger personA stronger mother, wife, friend and business leader.

TA is my daily opportunity to let myself feel and show emotions, whether they’re good, bad, sexy or crazy. The best part is that I’ve grown to own and take up my space, whether it’s space on the mat, at work, or in life.

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