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January 10, 2020
By: Sierra Asplundh

Clare Byrne is from London, England – find and follow her on Instagram here: @clareinblue

My story

I first found Tracy Anderson Method about 10 years ago when I was looking for something to help my flexibility. I was super active and fit – running marathons, circuit training, boxing, spinning, etc. – but I had put my back out at some point and once I’d done it I just kept doing it. My physio recommended pilates, which I tried but found too boring and slow moving. I don’t remember how I first came across TA, but it seemed like it might be a great alternative to pilates. I started out with no intention of stopping my other workouts, so I first started adding on short TA sequences to what I was already doing. I quickly saw changes in my body though, which really surprised me because I had tried so many workouts and enjoyed them but never saw obvious changes in my shape from them. In fact, it had always annoyed me a bit that I was the fittest person I knew, but never had the lean body I thought that should equate to. Soon I tried some of the early  TA DVD’s and then decided to start Metamorphosis, again, adding it on to running, gym classes etc. I never did the dance cardio part of Meta (of course then I thought I could and would never dance!) but still I had incredible results and saw my body change day to day – plus I had fewer issues with my back. When Online Studio launched I signed up right away, fell madly in love, cancelled my gym membership, learned the dances, and never looked back!

Now I do atTAin every day, and do about 30 mins of caTApult cardio most days as well. TA has given me so much more than I could have imagined a workout was capable of giving. Firstly, my body is the most toned, strong, and balanced it has ever been. I feel comfortable in my skin in a way I never did previously and have tons of energy. I am also much more flexible and very rarely have issues with my back anymore. Crucially, with this workout exercising is not a chore but something I look forward to and enjoy, which I really value. The cerebral aspect and constantly changing content keeps me interested and also helps me manage stress. Because I have to focus, doing TA takes my mind off any other thoughts and worries. I relied on it heavily when I was completing my PhD (I even thanked Tracy in my thesis!) and now often lean on it when I have an overfull and stressful work week. Afterwards I feel calmer and more able to cope with whatever the day throws at me. As if all that wasn’t enough, TA has given me some very dear friends – including Tracy herself, which is the best bonus I can think of!

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