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January 14, 2020
By: Sierra Asplundh

Loretta Urban is from Orlando, FL – find and follow her on Instagram here: @lorettasfitnesslife

My story

I was introduced to the Tracy Anderson Method in 2008 when I saw Tracy on the cover of a fitness magazine and I read about the method being based upon the principles of dance among other innovative elements. Having a dance background, I was eager to incorporate the method into my fitness routine.  I remember ripping the cover off of the magazine, putting it up on my refrigerator, and walking past admiring those beautiful “Tracy lines” for inspiration. I began doing the original Mat DVD intermittently in 2008 along with running as it was my primary workout at the time. I also incorporated the Perfect Design Series and did both DVDs for the next few years.

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2012, Tracy released the Pregnancy Project. I was beyond excited and started it in my second trimester until I gave birth. Once I was able to workout, I resumed the method with Metamorphosis Omnicentric until 2015 when streaming was released. I began consistently streaming in February 2015. I also decided to learn all of the dance cardio choreography from the Cardio Dance DVDs at that time, and ever since dancing has been my form of daily cardio.

The method has grown and evolved over time while maintaining the challenging aspects which are so important for a workout to have the longevity this method has. I have also evolved in all of my years with the method. Physically I am stronger, leaner and more agile than ever. Beyond the physical gains, this method forces me to connect to myself and my surroundings on a deep level. It forces me inward daily and encourages me to be aware of my connection to myself and my connection to the world in the most mindful ways. I feel equipped emotionally to manage the world on a daily basis because the method means that I must examine and balance myself when I hit the mat each morning.

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