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December 30, 2021
By: Tracy Anderson

The new year is known to be riddled with resolutions and half-hearted promises. As is expected, they almost always fall through. The problem, I’ve realized, is that the “quick fixes” we choose to reach these goals aren’t promoting the balance we so deeply crave. 

It’s time to go off autopilot and invest in yourself—to re-emerge from the rabbit hole some of us have been hiding in, and to finally let your light shine. That curiosity and sense of wonder in everything that comes your way is what will help you thrive and grow into your power. 

And it begins with nourishing your body, from the inside out.

Move Your Body, Empower Yourself

I believe everyone benefits from practicing mindful movement that prioritizes and encourages your emotional and mental well-being. That’s why I’m so passionate about the Tracy Anderson Method. I recognized a giant hole in the wellness industry over 20 years ago. Before then, no one had crafted anything deeply research-based for the whole body. In fact, I was the first person to perform independent research to create content inspired by our body’s true processing and movement potential.

“My Method gets you into that flow-state of moving, where it’s not just improvisational, but is also carefully crafted.”

I sought to create bold solutions to achieve physical connection and balance, and to help people see the continuous results they deserved. I worked alongside skillful academics to conduct 8 years of research and development, including a 5-year study on 150 women. The result? A dedicated community of Tracy Anderson Method devotees all around the world. They are living proof of what taking this time for yourself can do for your total health. 

My Method gets you into that flow-state of moving, where it’s not just improvisational, but is also carefully crafted, contributing to the evolving algorithm of content I offer each week. You mirror my energy the way a musician absorbs the tempo from a conductor’s physical gestures. This is when the brain enters a highly restorative and creative space—where your entire being is processing, moving, and building resilience. 

tracy anderson inner work

To make your journey towards achieving balance a seamless one, we’re providing new, first-time Online Studio members with a 3-week complimentary membership—starting now for a limited time—where I strategically release new content every week for all fitness levels to support the ability you have to design balance. We skillfully engage your muscles through multi-point connections that make your workout time highly effective while producing the design results each of you are capable of. We increased the number of weeks for this membership so you can truly make the most of my life’s work at the start of the new year. Already a member? We’ve got something for you too. Available beginning on January 7: complimentary access to TA LIVE, our live streaming platform which features over 240 virtual live classes every month, and connects you with our world-renowned trainers, from the comfort of your home. Existing TA LIVE members will receive a $30 credit in their next billing cycle if they sign up before January 6. Please contact our Customer Support team via email at with any questions. 

I’m so excited for you to take the step towards empowering yourself with mindful movement. It’s my life’s work to equip you with everything you need to feel better, move freely, and reconnect with yourself. 

The spotlight is now on you. How will you choose to shine bright?

Wishing you a healthy and bright new year,

Tracy Anderson


Disclaimer: First-time Online Studio members are eligible to receive a 3-week complimentary membership for a limited time. Current Online Studio members, who have an active, paying subscription, will automatically enjoy complimentary access to TA LIVE, beginning on January 7, 2022 and ending on January 28, 2022. Existing TA LIVE members will receive a $30 credit in their next billing cycle if they sign up for TA LIVE by January 6, 2022. Have any questions or concerns? Email us at