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October 7, 2021
By: TA Editorial Team

Nichoel Holmes is an Oregon-based member of our TAmily, a supportive community of Tracy Anderson Method devotees who strive to design a life of balance. Connect with Nichoel (@hey_holmes1 on Instagram) and follow us (@tracyandersononlinestudio on Instagram) to stay up to date on all things TAM.

Nichoel Holmes

Courtesy of Nichoel Holmes

Nichoel Holmes’s Tracy Anderson Method Journey

I started my journey with the Tracy Anderson Method in 2011 after years of mindlessly doing just about every fitness program you can imagine. I lifted weights, ran endless treadmill miles, hot yoga, regular yoga, boot camp, circuit training, spin, all the aerobics—the list goes on and on. I don’t remember exactly what drew me toward the Method, but I like to think it was solid-gold marketing (that infomercial!), an unconscious need for direction, and, quite simply, divine intervention. I began with Metamorphosis, completed part of Continuity, and joined the Online Studio in 2015. After nearly 10 years, I know exactly why I’m still here—balance and community.

I feel more in tune with myself at almost 45 years old than I ever could have hoped for in my 20s and 30s. Of course, this comes with age, but the lessons I’ve learned through years of practice with the Tracy Anderson Method have undoubtedly guided me toward a better understanding of my own physiology. That is to say the connection among my mind, body, and soul, or as Tracy Anderson refers to it, my physical, mental, and emotional self.

Mind, Body, and Soul

This mindset has helped me become more self-aware, and I’m learning to be honest and own the choices I make for my health, the good and the so-called “bad.” I’ve become a happier person and tend to lean into gratitude and transform negative thinking to positive more quickly and easily. I’ve also seen amazing physical transformations, weight loss, overall toning, strength, and better coordination. I feel physically empowered and capable. I can also dance!

Overall, though, the inner transformation for me is the most important. I’ve come to understand that each day that I approach life, including my workout, I’m a new person coming from a new set of experiences and that something that worked yesterday quite possibly may not work today. This is what balance means to me right now—new day, new me, but also same me.

I encourage anyone that asks about my workouts to give the Tracy Anderson Method a try, but honestly until you actually experience the energy behind the movement it can’t really be understood. It’s that simple and that complicated, and this is where the TAmily community comes into play. I’m honored to be part of the team at Ask Tamily (@asktamily), along with @tampasuzanne, @emilyhansen_tam, and @kristanla – one example of how the community highlights and supports one another.

“I encourage anyone…to give the Tracy Anderson Method a try, but honestly until you actually experience the energy behind the movement it can’t really be understood.”

If you had told me years ago that I would have real friends all over the world, most of whom I’ve never met, and that we would go on weeklong blind-date-style getaways, I would have encouraged you to get off the drugs. But this is the truth, and I’m honestly not on drugs! To me, the TAmily is a community grounded in support, encouragement, and inspiration. A group of like-minded, hardworking women (and a few men) brought together through a positive force of energy. TAmily is real, and I’m honored to move among so many amazing individuals.

When I hit play on my first-ever class, I had no idea I was beginning a lifelong practice of improved physical, mental, and emotional fitness. I am forever grateful to the process that has brought me to the place that I am right now, and look forward to continuing my journey with the Tracy Anderson Method.