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June 29, 2022
By: Tracy Anderson

This statement was originally published on Tracy Anderson’s Instagram account @tracyandersonmethod on June 28th, 2022.

I grew up in a small town in Indiana. I went to Methodist Church on Sundays. During the week, I’d go to school and learn about our country’s history. We’d study the Salem witch trials, slavery and segregation, the Holocaust. As a kid, I remember reading about these crimes, heartbroken. I discovered the wrongs of mankind, and knew I never wanted to be anywhere near that. But at a comfortable distance, I could bear the darkness of our past, trusting that good always wins. I joined the good fight for progress. Being a white, non-immigrant woman, I truly believed America’s promise of liberty and justice for all.

Last Friday, I woke up to the news that my daughter will come of age in this country with less rights than I did. Any parent will tell you that when you have a child, all you care about is making sure their life is better than yours. The truth is our children will face more challenges than we ever did, and that stings. Waves of pain are washing through this country this week, across community divides.

Though deeply patriotic, I’ve never been decidedly political—I don’t limit my views to party lines. I’ve devoted my life to wellness, seeking the healing powers of wisdom over divisive rhetoric. People who move with me have different beliefs—but we share a love of movement and community that binds us together. To the thoughtful few who take the time to read this: I ask that you follow your heart, not your party.

So, I’m a huge Star Wars fan. It’s a story that reflects our society without the personal biases of politics, religion, and identity. Obi-Wan said it best: “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.” Unwilling to compromise, the Sith see the world in black and white. While the Jedi are open to peace and negotiation, the Sith are fixed in their thinking, ensuring their own self-destruction. Pro-life and pro-choice views can coexist when we respect separation of church and state, honoring the freedom this country was founded on. Roe v. Wade is not a difference of ideology. It’s the difference between backwards and forwards. It’s the difference between human rights and subjugation.

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