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April 5, 2022
By: TA Editorial Team

A balanced life is always in motion—it’s never static. That’s what makes the Tracy Anderson Method such a powerful, innovative approach to fitness and a joyful way of life. Since Day 1, the eponymous fitness pioneer has believed in creating balance where there is imbalance, and prioritizing the mind-body connection to master every movement mindfully. This, in turn, promotes longevity and a well-being that radiates from the inside-out. Tracy’s trailblazing training team (and devoted #TAmily members) couldn’t agree more.

“You are how you move, so when you move with a total understanding of how to create healthy muscles, you will be running your engine the way our primal selves are designed to run,” says longtime TA Trainer, Stacey McDermott. “The signals from the brain will run through your soul, and that mental and emotional connection inside you will energize your movement.”

If you’re new to the Tracy Anderson Method and the woman who started it all, watch the video below to get a closer look at Tracy’s beginnings, her star-studded client roster, and the reason why this research-based, results-proven methodology works.

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