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Celebrity fitness inspiration.

Celebs may look nearly perfect in their Instagram feeds, but on closer inspection, their looks aren’t only due to loads of money and great genetics. We’ve rounded up advice from over a dozen celebs who frequently share their fitness and nutrition routines on social media. The overarching theme? They work hard for those A-list bodies. They also stress health, wellness and — hooray! — self-care. From superhero-playing actors to busy moms who put women half their age to shame, here’s a little motivation to make health a priority in the new year.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow’s Goop brand is all about wellness, so it’s no surprise the Oscar-winning actress shares frequent workout pics with her fans. Tops on her list: exercising with business partner and trainer Tracy Anderson, whose method includes dance-inspired aerobics and small muscle group toning. Paltrow also points to drinking alkaline water (it’s said to keep the body’s pH levels balanced), and has partnered with Flow Alkaline Spring Water. Added to her daily workouts and hydration? A mostly clean diet, a once-a-year cleanse and really great genetics.

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