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The Party Is Back on in Madrid

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8 November 2018

After nearly a decade of economic crisis Madrid is growing again and you can feel the optimism. Spain’s capital teems with trendy bars and boutique shops. Featuring Tracy Andersons new Madrid based studio.

(Video by Angus Bennett) (Source: Bloomberg)


Tracy Anderson, the coach of Hollywood stars opens center in Madrid

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31 October 2018


The Hollywood fitness queen, Tracy Anderson , has landed in Spain. The head of the spectacular bodies of Gwyneth Paltrow , Cameron Diaz and Madonna, among many other stars, has opened its center in Madrid (which joins the ones it already has in New York and Los Angeles), where it puts into practice its method It consists of aerobic movements, yoga and dance, performed in a room at 35 degrees and with 75% humidity.
Tracy made the change of his life after gaining 18 kilos in a year. The effort, the daily routine and the motivation were the bases for this transformation, which also applies to her famous clients and now also to the Spanish ones. From that moment began what is now an empire with DVDs of their method, online classes (www.tracyanderson.com) and even their own energy bars that replace any of the meals to lose weight.

Tracy Anderson has shaped great Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow

In their centers, the sessions consist of one hour of cardio and another of toning. Each of the movements of their tables are focused on exhausting a particular muscle, achieving a fibrillated silhouette in which the muscles do not acquire excessive volume, so it is not in favor of women training with excessive weight. Tracy makes specific tables according to the needs of each silhouette.

  • The model Alessandra Ambrosio is faithful to her method

  • Gwyneth Paltrow maintains her spectacular body at 46 years old with her training

  • Cameron Diaz trains with the Tracy Anderson method

  • Jennifer Lopez is another one of the fans

  • Tracy has just opened its center in Madrid, in the Lamarca Building (Fernando VI Street)

  • Become a partner costs € 850

  • Aerobic exercises, yoga and dance are performed in a room at 35 degrees and with 75% humidity

  • Tracy Anderson has also released DVDs with her method adapted for pregnant women


This Is How Jennifer Lopez Looks So Young

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1 November 2018

Jennifer Lopez, 49-years-old, is a mother-of-two, actor, dancer, singer, producer, reality show judge, and yet manages to look exactly the same as she did nearly twenty years ago when her noughties hit ‘Jenny From The Block’ released.

You could be forgiven for thinking Lopez was a superhuman or held the secret to defying age but it turns out, it all comes down to the multi-hyphenate’s vigorous fitness, diet and beauty routine. She told People, “I’ve taken care of myself, and now it shows.” There’s no arguing that.

Below, we find out all the details of J.Lo’s routine including what simple act she starts everyday with, how she beats cravings and the three things she always avoids.


Lopez begins her everyday routine with a simple and calming act. She starts her morning with a meditation session and affirmations crediting it for her youthful look. She revealed to InStyle US, “I also definitely think beauty comes from within – you have to have keep your mind, soul, body and spirit in sync. I am a firm believer in meditating and when you are happy and feel joy and love, you radiate beauty.”


The mega performer always ensures a minimum of eight hours sleep. As told to InStyle US, “The number one tip is to always get enough sleep. I can’t stress this enough. Ideally I would love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, but either way, I always make sure I get at least eight.”

A Strict Exercise Regimen

Lopez has admitted that her workout routine is “hard work” which involves two personal trainers, intense circuit training, light weights and dancing. When she’s working out with Hollywood’s go-to personal trainer Tracy Anderson she does freestyle dancing five times a week. As told to Hello!, “Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that’s so good for me is key to my happiness.”

When Lopez is in New York she turns to trainer David Kirsch and completes a one-hour circuit session three times a week. Her killer abs and strong arm muscles are the result of Kirsch’s full-body training including planks, push ups and boxing.

No Smoking, Caffeine Or Alcohol

Alongside her rigorous workout regime, Lopez also avoids three major things – smoking, caffeine and alcohol.

A Clean And Unprocessed Diet

Lopez maintains a glowing skin with a healthy diet that includes lots of water, vegetables and fruits. She also adopts important habits to maintain a consistent diet including carrying fruit and vegetables with her everywhere to snack on between meals. She lives a social lifestyle but sticks to her diet by making informed choices, “Most restaurants offer healthy, low-calorie meals so I watch for things on the menu that fit my lifestyle. I’ll have a salad or some fish with veggies.” And how to beat those cravings? Protein. “It fills me up and keeps me full longer. It’s a great muscle fuel” she tells Hello!.

Less Makeup, More Sunscreen

J.Lo always washes her face following a workout and never goes to bed without taking makeup off and suddenly our ‘too tired’ excuse is looking a little lame. When she’s not working, the singer prefers to not wear make-up instead relying on a moisturiser and eye cream for healthy skin. The former L’Oréal Paris ambassador stresses the importance of sun protection incorporating SPF in her everyday beauty routine and avoiding staying outside for too long.

Olivia Wilde Credits This Habit With Getting Her Through Parenthood and Work

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Olivia Wilde Tracy Anderson FItnessOlivia Wilde Tracy Anderson Fitness

30 October 2018

You’ve seen her in hits like Life ItselfHouse, and my personal favorite, The O.C. But in addition to acting, Olivia Wilde is a mother of two, an activist, and all-around inspiring woman. Recently, she partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts for an event in New York City where a tiny home was fueled entirely by recycled coffee grounds (80,000 pounds, to be exact). The partnership made sense for Wilde, who is passionate about both coffee and sustainability. At the event, we had the opportunity to speak to the actress and got the scoop on a few other things she loves, too.

On how she stays fit

When she can’t get to her favorite SoulCycle class in Los Angeles with instructor Angela Manuel-Davis (a motivational speaker who “rocks her world”), a dance class with Tracy Anderson (“it just works”), or a class at New York City’s boutique studio Forward Space (“I think it’s a good exercise, but I also think it’s good for your heart and your brain”), Wilde gets her body moving by stretching.

“I think it really helps my mood, as well as my body,” she tells us. Wilde categorizes her stretching as “bad yoga poses,” and adds that this form of exercise has helped her body heal from various injuries.

“I have gone through periods of different injuries that have led to really debilitating back pain,” she says. “And you realize how much of a benefit stretching is as you get older in avoiding injury. It’s just becoming something that I have embraced. It’s really an emotional kind of wind down…or to get your energy up. I just feel like I spent too much of my life not stretching.”

On her go-to coffee order

“I just get regular coffee, drip coffee, with a little mocha sugar—simple,” she says. “Sometimes French vanilla, but only if I’m feeling sassy.”

Wilde also elaborated on the relationship she has with the New England brand. “I went to boarding school in Massachusetts,” she says, “and when I think of surviving boarding school I think of going back and forth to Dunkin’.”

On the beauty product she can’t get enough of

Through an organic (no pun intended) relationship, Wilde has become an ambassador for clean beauty brand True Botanicals. As a beauty editor, I was blown away with her knowledge not only of the brand’s products, but the beauty industry in general, including how products are made and ingredients are sourced.

“I’m, you know, like a die-hard actual fan—it’s not just a gig,” she says. She loves the entire line, but tells us that she “lives for” their Clear Oil ($110; goop.com).

On being present

“I try to really be 100% present for whatever the job is at the moment,” Wilde says. “So, if I’m at work, I’m very present at work, I’m very focused, so that when I go home I can put my phone away and be really focused as a parent. I don’t get enough time with them during the week, and so if I have two hours a day with my kids, I just make sure that they are two fully present hours and that I am completely 100% with them and focused on them.”

On getting out of your own bubble

We know all too well how easy it is to get caught up in the day to day, but Wilde recognizes the need to stay emotionally healthy, and tells us about another way she tries to stay present. “I try to connect with as many strangers in a day as possible, so when I’m sitting on the subway I try to have connections with people,” she says. “It’s really important not to get too enclosed in our own personal spaces.”

While I’m not sure I can confidently say that I’ll be engaging with strangers on the subway any time soon, what Wilde said about being present definitely stood out.

Don’t Wear Capes, Wear Tracy Anderson

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1 November 2018

By now you know Tracy Anderson for her superhuman body transformative powers. Her intense method has sculpted some of the best bodies (and, yes, actual superheroes) on the planet. In keeping with her approach to crafting A-list experiences for the rest of us, Anderson has teamed up with Heroine Sport for an ’80s-inspired activewear line. Made in Los Angeles, pieces include hand-painted sweatshirts and performance pants made from a recycled polyblend. tracyanderson.com

Get In Shape Anywhere With These Streaming Workouts

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24 October 2018


It’s hard to work out alone. Even fitness professionals find it hard to self-motivate, which is why you often find yourself sweating next to them in popular group fitness classes. But whether it be a financial, geographical or logistical reason, we can’t always get to a group or private training session.

Fitness gurus like Tracy Anderson, Simone De La Rue and Anna Kaiser have created streaming platforms that are now powerhouses. Joining them is an ever-growing crop of options offering cheaper and often more convenient ways to work out than the traditional gym membership.

Given the sharp increase in competition, most platforms now offer free trials — even the once hyper-exclusive Anderson has a try-for-free option. With so many experts at your fingertips, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get in a workout without ever having to find parking, trudge through inclement weather or even brush your teeth? After all, half the battle of working out is actually getting to the gym.

Here’s a look at the best streaming platforms to keep you in shape no matter where you are.

The trainer Jennifer Lopez says that these 2 exercises are ideal to eliminate cellulite

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18 October 2018

Before, LONG before that the Kardashian cambiasen forever the canons of physical beauty , the way how we train and how wedress , was SHE, Jennifer Lopez .  The diva of the 2000s was the first to show that having a big ass and showing curves with pride is THE MOST .

Clearly, genetics is on JLo’s part , however, the singer has never been afraid of hard work. Just to see in Instagram the workout routines of his trainer, Tracy Anderson , we know that those buttocks and those firm legs (and those abs at age 49 ) have been achieved on the basis of discipline. Attention because  Andersonhas also been a personal coach of Kim Kardashian , Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz .

So, if Tracy Anderson includes a movement (or two) in his famous training sessions to tone buttocks and make cellulite disappear , we will try them tomorrow and repeat them until we get a 100%JLo ass .

This fun and easy movement is THE MOST for the glutes and for working muscles that are rarely exercised. Get on all fours, in quadruped position , and lift one leg towards the folded side (as seen in the video). The first repetitions will seem easy but continue until it starts to hurt . Yes, friend, it has to hurt on the side . Do 3 sets and get as far as you can.

If the first cellulite neutralizing movement is hard but simple , in the second it increases the complexity. In quadruped position again, leave one knee resting on the ground and throw one leg back without lifting too much but leaving it at the height of the hip .

To complete, take the foot of the leg moving forward and sit on the knee of the opposite leg . Repeat these movements 10 times and try to perform 3 series . We warn, you’re going to sweat (but reduce cellulite is well worth it).

Perhaps we will not have the genetics of Jennifer Lopez but the tricks of her trainer and maximum desire to give it all in the # OperationCorpoSerrano.


Travel: Tracy Anderson Method Spain

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18 October 2018


Tracy Anderson Method

Calle Fernando VI, 10, Barrio de Justicia
CATEGORIES: Dance Studio, Fitness Studio
  • Price: $$$

Goop staffers religiously sweat it out at Tracy Anderson’s Brentwood Studio—or at home via the streaming service— and the fitness guru has just opened her first studio outside the United States. The newly renovated LaMarca building in Madrid’s Barrio de Justicia neighborhood is the TA Method’s latest home. Like Anderson’s other state-of-the-art studios, the Spanish iteration doesn’t skimp on the details and you’ll find the Iso-Kinetic bands, the Super G floor, and the signature humidity familiar to regulars as well as a tight edit of fitness apparel and accessories.