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Commitment-Free bangs go to a Tracy Anderson workout


There’s a question that arises for virtually every woman at some point in her life: Should I get bangs?

Working out the next morning proved to be challenging—there’s a reason why the women of Tracy Anderson Method don’t have bangs, I thought, as I attempted to fasten my fringe to one side with a series of pins. After the sweaty hour, some serious dry shampoo was required in addition to a little dryer time—not as low maintenance as I had anticipated.

As for a change in the rest of my routine, the face-framing cut gave my cheekbones a new sharpness, which I further defined with a taupe contour stick. And the best part? The bangs were so believable, social media (and my fiancé!) did double takes. Over the weekend, I posted an Instagram selfie that elicited a flurry of heart-eye emojis. “People don’t grasp the concept of the clip-in bang,” Galazka said, adding that when she first began working with extensions, clients often asked for a private room so passersby wouldn’t catch the fake hair application. Now, “change is celebrated,” a shift brought on by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Cardi B and others who flip flop from textured bobs to extreme waves, sometimes in a matter of hours.

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