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Tracy Anderson defends Gwyneth Paltrow after Goop Summit backlash

Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow | Getty Images

Tracy Anderson is defending longtime pal and business partner Gwyneth Paltrow after Paltrow got heat from some attendees who said her $5,700 Goop conference in London was a Goopy rip-off.

Anderson, who appeared at the Goop fest, told us: “It’s just options. She’s not telling anyone what to do, or what to wear.”

She added of the high prices: “My gyms are $900 a month. I have been criticized time and time again, but if people really understood the craftsmanship it takes to run custom prescriptions programs at that level — in the real estate I’m in — they would understand that opportunity has a price tag. It’s just the system we live in.”

Anderson added, “I also … make sure I have $9.99 DVDs. I am creating options, and Goop is also creating options.”

The Goop London session included a workout with fitness trainer Anderson, plus a sound bath, tips on how to “hydrate mindfully,” and a store with fare such as a $55 vibrator called “the Millionaire.”

Anderson, who launched a capsule collection with Barneys this week, said of the backlash, “Everyone has a voice now on social media — if you are too negative, people are going to start shutting down and communities are going to be destroyed instead of built up.”


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