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Tracy Anderson: wipe slate clean and start working out now

With only “2.7 percent of Americans showing up for their health,” fitness guru Tracy Anderson is even more empowered than ever to help make health and wellness a priority for others.

Anderson, trainer to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Bekham, believes that feeling good in your skin starts with the right gear.

“I feel people don’t know how to move anymore,” said Anderson. “They don’t even know what to wear to move, but you know what feels good. You know what colors you like. What you know makes you feel good,” said Anderson.

With that in mind, Anderson created a fitness clothing line in partnership with Barney’s. The colors and fabrics are intended to be comfortable and not constricting with options like a sports bra that covers your stomach.


But more important than even her clothes, Anderson says is the right mind set about exercise.

“I wanted to let people know that you can wipe the slate clean. It doesn’t really matter how you have shown up for your health or haven’t shown up for your health. If you can slow down, ask yourself: how can I be healthier? How can I set the stage to age in a healthy way? How can I set a good example for my children?” said Anderson.

She also recommends not dwelling on what hasn’t worked for you or the things that have gotten in the way in the past including that second bottle of wine.

Love yourself, forgive yourself for what you’ve done,” said Anderson.

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