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Tracy Anderson Offers an Oddly Poetic Defense of Goop

The trainer on Gwyneth Paltrow’s side.

Gywneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson
Gwyneth Paltrow is used to navigating all sorts of micro-controversies and scandals related to her company, Goop, as it continues to expand and grow its scope. Recently the company held its first-ever Goop summit in London, after which Page Six reported that several attendees felt they didn’t get their $5,700 worth. (The most amusing quote in the report was from an attendee who said, “I was a huge fan of Gwyneth; now I feel like I have lost my faith in God.”)

Now Tracy Anderson—Paltrow’s longtime friend and business partner—has come to Paltrow’s defense. (Anderson was involved in the London summit, offering a workout class). Speaking to Page Six (an outlet really covering all sides of this situation!), Anderson said of Goop, “It’s just options. She’s not telling anyone what to do or what to wear.” It’s just options! This feels like it should be adopted as a slogan, if not for Goop, then for some other organization: It has a sort of poetic, low-key charm to it.

Anderson was also asked about the high price points Goop puts out there, explaining this isn’t so different from her gyms or other high-end wellness and fitness options. “My gyms are $900 a month. I have been criticized time and time again, but if people really understood the craftsmanship it takes to run custom prescriptions programs at that level—in the real estate I’m in—they would understand that opportunity has a price tag. It’s just the system we live in.” But she explained again that options are available. “I also…make sure I have $9.99 DVDs. I am creating options, and Goop is also creating options.”

As for, in broader terms, the notion of social media amplification in our culture, Anderson is skeptical. “Everyone has a voice now on social media—if you are too negative, people are going to start shutting down and communities are going to be destroyed instead of built up.”

Paltrow has yet to speak out about the London report specifically, but we have no doubt if she does she will come up with something equally as catchy and sharp as “It’s just options.”

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