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You can do Victoria Beckham’s workout at home.

In a recent Instagram post, Victoria Beckham revealed she’d just finished an ‘early morning workout’ using the Tracy Anderson Method.

The Tracy Anderson Method, developed by Tracy herself more than two decades ago, is a routine designed ‘to harness and deliver the elusive dancer’s body’ by strengthening small accessory muscles to give a long, elegant shape.

But far from only being accessible to the A-list, Tracy’s classes can be done in a living room just as easily as they can in one of her physical spaces, thanks to her ‘online studio’: an ever-evolving weekly workout subscription program with options for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

Classes take you from the initial theory of the Tracy Anderson Method all the way through to advanced moves that Tracy continually rotates to ensure no client ever plateaus. Focusing on a combination of dance cardio and muscular structure workouts, which are generally resistance and mat-based, each session is typically only around 30 minutes long, but it’s recommended that you follow them 4-7 days per week for maximum results.

Read all about VB’s style and fitness routine below.

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