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Heliosa 66 – Infrared Halogen Heater and Stand Package



Color: Black


Instant heat at the flick of a switch! This is a one-of-a-kind halogen heater that DOES NOT shine a harsh light yet allows all the heat to warm up you and your surroundings! Made in Italy with a black finish, the Heliosa can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • An out-of-the-box-solution heater – plug into a 120v outlet, includes a 6′ cord
  • Market leading performance – the widest and longest genuine heat projection available for a 1,500W heater: up to 150 square feet!
  • 1500 watts
  • Uniform, localized heating provides instant, fully directional space heating.
  • An average operating cost of $.18 (yes, 18 cents) per hour!
  • Designed for outdoor use – fully weatherproof so can be operated safely, rain or shine.
  • Short-wave infrared heater – 92% radiant efficiency means you feel warmth even in windy conditions because electric heat does not drift away in the breeze.
  • Amber halogen lamp – gives 80% reduction in light output compared to traditional infrared lamps, offering the ambience of an open fire.
  • Darkened safety glass – reduces glare from the halogen lamp – no distraction in the ambiance of your work out or living area.
  • Long life – InFraCaLoR® halogen lamps have up to 7000 hours of life, meaning low maintenance costs.
  • Replaceable elements.
  • Soft, efficient comfort: heat people and objects not the air for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Energy savings: provides a low-cost energy-efficient alternative to propane/gas heat.
  • 120-volt Package

Ideal spaces:

  • Indoor home yoga studio, workshops, garages, indoor/outdoor patios/terraces, restaurants, golf ranges, valets, swimming pool dry off areas, sports and fitness areas, shipping/loading areas, and more…
  • 120 volt plug-in package with a 6′ cord
  • Color: Matte black
  • Heater dimensions: 20x5x8″
  • Stand dimensions: 37″ min to 110″ fully extended
  • 1500 watts/120 volts includes a 6′ cord with grounded plug


  • A lightweight adjustable and compact stand, Velcro straps, and controller
  • Two control options: a plug-in on/off switch or smart thermostat

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