Tracee Nichols x Tracy Anderson

Lightning Bolt Token Charm w/ 14k Cable Chain



Color: 14k yellow gold


Inspired by the lightning bolt itself and a symbol of the power of your own energy, this charm can be worn two ways, with either the engraved word “Energy” or the lightning bolt design facing up. We’ve all navigated through our own storms—now it’s time to liberate your soul. The charm is 14k gold surrounded by turquoise enamel.

  • Charm: 14k gold with turquoise enamel and “Energy” engraving on back of charm
  • 18”- 22” Adjustable Chain: 14k cable chain with open clasp charm

About the Symbolic Energy Token Charms:

Tracy Anderson and celebrity jewelry designer Tracee Nichols collaborated on a collection of Token Charms that represent symbolic energy. They are a personal reminder of your power, your strength, your personal journey, and the spiritual energy within each of us.