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Color: Rose

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Protect your delicate eyelash extensions while you get your beauty sleep!

The slip contour sleep mask has been specifically designed with delicate eyelash extensions in mind*. The shape of the contour on the inside of the sleep mask has been designed to sit away from your eyelids and allow additional space for your eyelashes to sit while you get your beauty sleep.

*While slip has made all efforts to design its contour sleep mask to be suitable for eyelash extensions, slip acknowledges that not all lashes are the same and the contour sleep mask may not be suitable for all lengths or types of lashes. Slip encourages you to use your own discretion in deciding whether the contour sleep mask is suitable for you.

Patent pending and design registered.

Made using slipsilkā„¢ exclusive of elastic and piping | Filler made with PU foam exclusive of silk liner | Not all silk sleep masks are created equal | Includes 1 x rose contour sleep mask | See care instructions for details.

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