Sleep Ritual Candle



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✔︎ Relaxation
✔︎ Calm breathing
✔︎ Evening wind down
✔︎ Pre-sleep rituals
✔︎ Mood making / scene setting

This bedtime ritual candle has a luxurious sleep scent developed by our in-house aromatherapists. Made using the finest natural essential oils, the candle fills a room with it’s deeply relaxing aroma.

Set the scene for the ultimate wind down before bed. Use the candle in a moment of mindfulness as you prepare for glorious sleep. Scent notes:
Woody, musky, camphoraceous, mellow. 100% NATURAL, SOY WAX
Drowsy makes their candles using pure soy wax from renewable resources. It sets the bar higher on their end, so that burn is better on your end. Final Sale