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The Fitness World’s New Three-Step Plan

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The fitness, wellness and beauty spaces are converging.


Kirsty Godso

March 30, 2018

Fitness, wellness, beauty brand.

That appears to be the new trajectory being adopted by a fitness industry eager to intersect with the multitrillion-dollar wellness movement and multibillion-dollar beauty world. Trainers as well as studios and gyms ranging from boutique to big box are looking to extend their reach beyond the actual workouts they’re peddling, whether it’s creating protein powders to fuel the body from the inside out or segueing into beauty, from linking with Gen Z and Millennial favorite Glossier to formulating stand-alone skin-care brands.

“To say there’s a convergence of fitness, wellness and beauty is an understatement. They are all the same,” said Vimla Black Gupta, chief marketing officer at Equinox, who called the club’s motto, “It’s not fitness. It’s life,” a prescient metaphor for the current melding of the three sectors.

Before joining the fitness behemoth in December, Black Gupta spent nearly two decades in the beauty space, including 10 years at Procter & Gamble and nine years at the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., where she most recently was the global senior vice president of marketing at Bobbi Brown.

“At the end of the day, people want to look good, they want to feel good, they want to perform at their best, whether it’s beauty or their overall medical health or aesthetically how they look. That’s the holy grail — and it’s all the same,” Black Gupta continued.

To coincide with the launch of Equinox’s The Muse group fitness class that bowed in January, a series of events in partnership with Glossier took place in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and London. The brand’s Perfecting Skin Tint, Haloscope highlighter, Cloud Paint blush, Boy Brow and Soothing Facial Mist were among the products sampled at events. Additionally, influencer Rocky Barnes hosted an event to celebrate the new class with beauty content and e-commerce site Violet Grey at Equinox’s Miracle Mile club the same month.

For Equinox, the premise of fusing fitness and beauty started to take shape nearly a decade ago when the club partnered with L’Oréal-owned Kiehl’s in 2009 to offer its products in all locker rooms.

“We didn’t say it’s fitness or it’s beauty — it’s life. If you want the best fitness experience why wouldn’t you want the best beauty experience? That precipitated us launching Kiehl’s,” Black Gupta said.

Apparently Equinox was onto something.

Earlier this year at a wellness panel at the annual Financo Forum, Mindy Grossman, chief executive officer of Weight Watchers and former ceo of HSNi, said the wellness industry is approaching $4 trillion and growing at a rate of 15 percent.

But what’s changed since Equinox outfitted its locker rooms with prestige skin, body and hair care is a proliferation of digital that caused these categories to intersect even more. Because of social media and an onslaught of trainers and makeup brands and artists, the fitness and beauty worlds have become more accessible and democratic.

“It’s fueled both industries separately, but also jointly. Customers are hopping fluidly from fitness into beauty, beauty into wellness in general and there’s a convergence happening all day long. I don’t know that the consumer is separating them. They just want to be their best self,” said Black Gupta, who didn’t rule out an Equinox line of beauty products in the future.

Most notably, the social media boom, especially Instagram, has given birth to a new crop of “celebrity” trainers, the best known being Australia-based Kayla Itsines, whose Sweat With Kayla app has amassed a cult following globally. Concurrently, the digital age has bred a number of instructors who’ve skyrocketed to social media fame because of influencer clients. An influencer posting a photo — or even better, a video — of their workout can instantly result in said instructor’s future classes completely selling out instantaneously. And not surprisingly, this new guard of trainers — Megan Roup, Amanda Kloots and Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso among them — have launched or is in the midst of developing product. For Roup and Kloots, these are “sliders” and a jump rope that correspond with their signature workouts, respectively. For Godso, “Made Of,” a whey protein isolate powder, will come out later this spring.

“Trainers are no longer just asked for workout and nutrition tips, but their favorite beauty products, from skin care to supplementation to treatments such as infrared saunas, facials, acupuncture and more. There’s such a need for transparency in an industry that is cluttered with products and promises. I’m a big believer of ‘you are what you think,’” said Godso.

Roup called health the new wealth currency. For her, if fitness is a priority, so is one’s wellness and beauty routine. In addition to her sliders, which she designed so clients can do her workouts on the go via fitness live-streaming service Obé, she plans to introduce more equipment and hopefully link up with a beauty brand.

While Roup, Kloots and Godso are gaining steam, Tracy Anderson remains the gold standard of trainer-turned-lifestyle brand. Her signature Tracy Anderson Method — a mix of dance cardio and sculpt workouts — has become a household name, due largely to a celebrity clientele that spans Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez to Victoria Beckham and Robert Downey Jr. Anderson maintains six studios across the country and a seventh is slated to open in Madrid this summer. Outside of her studios, Anderson broadened her reach even further when she started offering online streaming and DVDs, of which there are more than 170. In 2016, she introduced a line of bars and shakes in Target, and she’s said to be currently working on a beauty line that’s in the formulating stages, with plans for a release later this year.

A spokesperson for Anderson wasn’t able to provide any more details about the trainer’s entrée into beauty.

Anderson is just one trainer on the lifestyle brand track. Last week, Xponential Fitness — private equity firm TPG is an equity partner in Xponential — acquired New York-based boutique studio AKT, founded by Anna Kaiser.

“We now live in an Instagram world and so much of that is visual. When I opened the studio the most important thing was the product and having a great fitness experience and educated and passionate founder and filling a void in the marketplace,” Kaiser said of opening her first studio in 2013.

“Now it’s very much about the image. Back then we didn’t have social fitness influencers developing brands without an actual studio location or fitness methodology. It’s more about their look and opinion and their collaborations with others,” she continued, noting that the plan is to open 25 studios in the first 12 months.

Anthony Geisler, ceo of Xponential Fitness, said there are plans to open hundreds of franchised locations of AKT nationwide in the near future. Club Pilates, CycleBar, Stretch Lab and Row House comprise Xponential’s portfolio, but AKT is the first dance-based concept in the group.

“Look, I see them together,” Geisler said of fitness studios segueing into beauty product. “We’re going after the same customer.” He admitted that he has yet to see a fitness studio or club successfully venture into retail or beauty — yet.

And Kaiser could be among the first to do so.

She maintained that a beauty collaboration is in the works, but was mum on specifics other than that it is launching later this year. In the meantime, AKT will debut a brand refresh in May with visuals that focus more on wellness and a “360-degree lifestyle brand” that extends past fitness.

Alexandra Bonetti Perez, founder of Bari, a boutique fitness studio in TriBeCa, said rolling out digital streaming service Bari TV is the first step toward product. Starting April 2, Bari’s sculpt, bounce and dance classes will be available online, with plans to upload 10 to 15 videos per month.

“The biggest shift in beauty is that now it starts inside your body — how you treat it, how you nurture it and how you eat. I mean that from a very superficial and also from a deep-rooted, connection level,” Bonetti Perez said. “What that does intrinsically is put value on your health because you can’t look, play or feel that part. When people start treating their bodies better and eating better and working out it doesn’t matter if you started doing it because of a superficial reason. You eventually feel so much better. That’s the power of health.”

Bonetti Perez would one day like to get into supplements and body and skin care that falls into the natural category.

“Wellness is booming. It includes the purchasing of athletic apparel, footwear, gym membership, healthy food, and organic and clean cosmetics. The umbrella is wellness,” said Jane Hali, ceo of Jane Hali & Associates, a retail investment research firm.

Hali said a desire to not only look good but “feel good” has spawned a demand for transparency, especially with respect to ingredients found in skin care and cosmetics.

But how far can these founders and fitness brands extend?

While some consider the industries so intertwined that they’re one and the same, Marc Magliacano, a managing partner at private equity firm L Catterton, still thinks brands should proceed with caution.

Today, a rush to establish a “lifestyle brand” has sent founders in the fitness and beauty spaces scrambling to try to encapsulate everything they offer in health and/or wellness under one brand. But despite this, he believes brands should tread lightly when expanding into additional categories because people only have that much room in their lives for any one brand.

“If you want fitness you may go to Equinox, if you want skin care you may use Elemis, if you want body care you may use Bliss, if you want meditation you may use Headspace. People want to have the option to go curate and edit their own wellbeing, and we know Millennials do,” Magliacano said, citing a handful of L Catterton’s investments. The firm’s portfolio has cornered the market when it comes to a cross-section of fitness and beauty brands, which in addition to the above include Pure Barre, Peloton, Sweaty Betty, Cover FX and Tula.

To him, building a true lifestyle brand means creating “something with meaning to the consumer that’s relevant in the life of a consumer”; it doesn’t mean that one lives their entire life around a brand, but merely that a brand is meaningful in one’s life.

It might sound nuanced, but this differentiation could be where companies are missing the mark when trying to quickly branch out into other — yet related — categories.

But most importantly: the market still has to figure out if consumers want their boutique fitness studios to also create their protein powder or moisturizer.

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Olivia Wilde Shows Off Svelte Figure While Exiting Tracy Anderson’s Studio City Gym

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Olivia Wilde Shows Off Svelte Figure While Exiting Tracy Anderson’s Studio City Gym

March 7, 2018 | Daily Mail UK


She’s always up for a workout session.

And Tuesday was no exception for Olivia Wilde, who left the Tracy Anderson Gym in Studio City, California, drenched in sweat after her morning exercise.

The 33-year-old actress showed off her svelte figure in black leggings and tank top.

Upon arriving at the gym, the House actress swathed her enviable figure in a gray sweatshirt emblazoned with the words ‘Vinyl Me, Please’.

Olivia Wilde Tracy Anderson

Apart from the black leggings, Olivia wore black trainers and carried some cash and a cell phone with her.

The Irish-American starlet was all smiles as she made her way into the building.

Emerging after her grueling session, the sweaty mother-of-two removed her gray sweater to reveal a simple black tank top underneath.

Carrying a bottle of water and showing off her toned arms, the Tron: Legacy star made her way to her car.


Olivia Wilde Tracy Anderson

The Drinking Buddies star tied her sweaty blonde tresses back in a loose ponytail and shielded her eyes against the bright sun with a pair of dark shades.

Olivia keeps her great shape with her strict fitness regimen and clean diet as she is reportedly a proud vegetarian.

She opened up to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in 2010 after being named the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity.

‘Beyond my desire to boycott the torture factories, I am also way happier when I eat a plant-based diet, and I feel about a thousand times more energetic,” she said.

Wilde has reportedly been vegetarian since the age of 12 and has often switched between a vegan lifestyle and plant-based diet.

She’s been engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis since January 2013, and the couple has two children: son Otis, three, and Josephine, one.

Two years ago, the SNL alum ominously joked on Watch What Happens Live that they ‘won’t get married until weed is legal in every state.’

The Virginia-born, Kansas-raised funnyman ended his marriage to writer-producer Kay Cannon in 2010, and Wilde ended her marriage to Italian filmmaker Tao Ruspoli in 2011.

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Wish You Were Here

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“You’ve never felt heat like a @tracyandersonmethod VW. Dripping. Amazing.”  @natalia_tam

“Dreams come true! though I had never done one of her workouts she has always been an inspiration. Today I finally experienced @tracyandersonmethod first hand! #insane #intense #amazing #tamily #imhooked #shesthebest #tavitalitymia” @jessbehealthy

“I been streaming with Tracy for two and half years and let me tell you this beauty has not only changed my body, she has also changed my life. She helped me fine balance where there was imbalance in my body. I was so happy I got to move with her in Aspen. Love you!!!!” @d_page03

“Just wrapped up an amazing ‘vitality week’ with Tracy Anderson as the pinnacle boondoggle to my precious three weeks off between jobs. This little lady blew my mind…..She’s such an inspirational, kickass dynamo. Highly recommend her workouts!! @msginaraf and I sweat like nobody’s business. And the other ladies here were such a grounded, cool group of women from around the world. Wow. SO FUN!!!” @mrsdonahue

Watch the recap:  Aspen Vitality Week


02 AspenSpring Cafe Aspen, and APL

We’re so excited for San Diego in April. Stay tuned as new tour dates will be announced soon!

TA Real Time Online Studio

This is a journey as Tracy designs your body week after week with content that fits perfectly together to create balance where there is imbalance in your body.

As a subscriber, users receive a weekly, one-hour muscular structure workout video with Tracy filmed in real-time during class alongside participating Tracy Anderson studio clients along with a beginner series, a breakdown session of the class with a Tracy Anderson senior trainer, and access to a library of dance cardio sessions. The video will live online for the user to follow throughout a seven-day period until the next series of real time workout moves is uploaded the following week. Learn More >

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Working out in the heat and humidity provides a number of benefits: sweat encourages the body to release toxins and improves the skin elasticity and tone. The heat also keeps the muscles warm, ready to move, and malleable. Tracy heats her classrooms to 96 degrees with 75 percent humidity — you can mimic that temperature at home with a space heater and humidifier.  

The music will help you through your workout — which is why it’s loud and upbeat. Emotions come up because the music is on. You’re preoccupied, and unable to address the fact that you are being physically challenged in this space. Let the music speak through you, and energize you.

Tracy recommends 3 pound hand weights for her muscular structure work—they have a HUGE impact on your form if you hit the correct angles (one of the reasons they should not be heavier than 3 pounds). View in SHOP >

These non-slip, latex-free, cushioning Method Mat from Tracy offers ultimate support when you’re doing muscular structure work.

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Tracy Anderson, the Jane Fonda of the 21st century, lands in Madrid.

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Tracy Anderson, the Jane Fonda of the 21st century, lands in Madrid.

Vanity Fair Spain | February 20, 2018

At the beginning of the 20th century, the number 10 of Fernando VI Street, in the Madrid neighborhood of Justicia, housed a well-known carriage factory owned by Francisco and Joaquín Lamarca . The Lamarca brothers became suppliers of some of the most important ducal houses and families in the capital. More than a century later, the most select clientele in Madrid promises to knock on the door of number 10 of Fernando VI.

A society linked to the holding of Venezuelan magnate Miguel Ángel Capriles López, cousin of the opposition Henrique Capriles, has reformed the centenary building, the work of Santiago Castellanos Urízar, and has converted it into a luxurious residential estate: 26 unique homes with a garage. All sold! Now, the commercial premises at the foot of the street, where the florist Domingo and a fishmonger used to operate decades ago, will house a gym worthy of Hollywood .

The Capriles family has managed to get Tracy Anderson, the personal trainer of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Alexandra Ambrossio  or Lena Dunham, to open her first fitness studio outside the United States … in the emblematic Lamarca building. Anderson is considered the guru of the perfect bodies of the big screen, although she does not accept more famous clients because she is “worried about an industry that is focused on the insecurities of the female gender”.

This petite woman and mother of two daughters has more than 350,000 followers on Instagram and a five-year waiting list at her New York gyms. The one in Madrid will not be the exception. Anderson is considered “the Jane Fonda of the 21st century”. When I was young I dreamed of being a ballet dancer, but was rejected because I was not thin enough. Far from being satisfied, he changed his habits and created his own method : a mixture of dance movements, yoga and aerobic exercises that provoke “muscular strategic exhaustion” based on fast and continuous movements for 10 or 15 minutes.

Tracy Anderson Alexandra Ambrossio

Those who want to put themselves in the hands of Tracy need time: they must train at least six times a week and she recommends that they perform 45 minutes of muscle structuring and another 45 minutes of cardio. Being part of your “club” also costs money. In the United States, the membership of their studies amounts to $ 1,500 and the monthly fee is $ 900, although prices vary by center and city.

The costs of the classes do not seem to stop the expansion of Anderson SA, a real booming empire. He already has seven fitness studios in the United States (four in New York and two in Los Angeles), one in London, and, soon, one in Madrid. In addition to its gyms and personal trainings, it offers weekly master classes and has a whole line of products including its DVDs and tutorials in the network that are still famous as Diana Ross or Sinead O’Connor.

The Spaniards who want to have the body Tracy Anderson can already be queuing at number 10 of Fernando VI. And those who are not willing to pay, they can always buy the DVDs. On January 24, the first job interviews were held to select the monitors of their Madrid office.




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What’s Love Got to Do With It

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If you’re familiar with Tracy and her methodology, then you know her mission of creating balance where there is imbalance in the body. But what happens when cupid comes along, and our emotions start to go haywire? How can we navigate these feelings – or lack thereof – while standing on this balance beam of life without taking the fall? This Valentine’s Day we are taking a deep dive into the biology of love and it’s chemical effects on the body. Because as you’ll discover today, it’s the chemistry that we have within ourselves that lays the groundwork for the chemistry that we have with others.

Whether you’re already committed, or hopeful for love this year, we’re breaking it all down – and exposing the inner workings of your personal, loving biology.

According to the leading expert on the biology of love and attraction, anthropology professor, and human behavior researcher, Helen Fisher, there are three stages of falling in love. In each stage, a different set of brain chemicals run the show. These stages are lust, attraction, and love.

Interested in the more scientific theories on love? Check out:
Love and the Brain //  Love, Decoded // Love, Actually: The science behind lust, attraction, and companionship

Self-love starts with first taking care of yourself.

Manage these three humanistic necessities – sleep, diet and exercise, and you are on your way to becoming your optimal self, one that you’ll be sure to love.

1. A strong connection: chronic lack of sleep can affect your weight.
A recent study indicates sleep restriction results in “metabolic and endocrine alterations, including decreased glucose tolerance, decreased insulin sensitivity, increased evening concentrations of cortisol, increased levels of ghrelin, decreased levels of leptin and increased hunger and appetite.” In short, if you sleep little, you’re more susceptible to weight gain. 

2. What about sleeping too much?
Interestingly, people who sleep for 9 or more hours also have higher rates of diabetes, so perhaps both insufficient sleep and too much sleep are both unhealthy. Study found the longer you are awake during a biological night, the worse your insulin sensitivity is, which can be a precursor to the development of prediabetes and diabetes.

3. Only need 4 hours?
There are outliers who genetically need much less sleep – but they are very few with this gene mutation – only about 1% of the entire population.

4. Regulating your clock: The ‘happiness hormone’ – serotonin – plays an important role in mood and happiness, but also a major role in regulating your body clock and sleep cycles. High levels of serotonin are associated with wakefulness, and lower levels are shown with sleep.

5. All light, including artificial light, will disturb your sleep. The average American spends as little as 7% of their life outside which affects our natural light rhythm, a big component of sleep regulation. Artificial light, and light from tv, computer and phone screens signal the brain, affecting our natural clock, often long into the night. This forces our natural sleep clock out of whack, also affecting serotonin production.

6. Eat your way to better sleep. Diets high in the amino acid tryptophan can maintain healthy serotonin levels, but lifestyle choices like constant travel and an erratic sleep schedule can disrupt serotonin production. When serotonin levels are not normal, sleep disturbances and other issues can result, including depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

7. Genetics play a role. Research has also shown that genetic regulation of circadian rhythms is off-kilter in people with major depression.

8. Sleep deprivation as a quick anti-depressant? It has been known for 200 years that sleep deprivation can treat depression rapidly. Although an impractical treatment, scientists were fascinated on why it proved so effective. The results confirm that a buildup of adenosine (a chemical that is present in all human cells) is responsible for the antidepressant effects of a lack of sleep.

9. Beware – it’s all about balance.  Interestingly enough. excess serotonin levels are toxic to the brain, and can lead to a condition known as “serotonin syndrome.”

In short: healthy sleep habits can have a profound effect on your current and future well-being.  You spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping, make it count.

Learn how to sleep better:
Get tips from the National Sleep Foundation.

1. Being overweight increases your risk for every chronic disease, lowering your lifespan 7-14 years.

2. Up to 90% of serotonin – an important neurotransmitter for cognitive function – is produced in your gut.

3. Your brain requires a constant supply of fuel. That “fuel” comes from the foods you eat — and what’s in that fuel makes all the difference. Put simply, what you eat directly affects the structure and function of your brain and, ultimately, your mood.

4. Diets high in refined sugars, are harmful to the brain. Because sugar is addictive, we’re genetically programmed to want high calorie foods. Almost everything has sugar in it; if you go into a grocery store and pick up a random item, more likely than not there will be sugar in it. Sugar has been shown to increase inflammatory biomarkers and increases the small dense LDL particle number – which is bad.

High sugar diets increase inflammation and lead to the release of endotoxin, which is used in studies to mimic high inflammation. Inflammation symptoms lessened when treated with Omega Fatty Acids/EPA.

5. Power of probiotics: Studies have shown that when people take probiotics (supplements containing the good bacteria), their anxiety levels, perception of stress, and mental outlook improve, compared with people who did not take probiotics.

6. Understanding the epidemic: 40% of Americans are obese, 100 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetesBy 2040, 100% of the federal budget will go towards health care spending.Wellness centers that focus on functional medicine (treating the source and not the symptom of a disease or disorder) are becoming more popular in the U.S., and often take preventative measures that involve nutrition and exercise in a patients health plan.

7. Chronic issues? 1 in 2 Americans have chronic disease; and bad food, sedentary lifestyles are to blame.

8. Inflammation: the silent killer. CDC estimates that 11% of Americans are on an anti-depressant. Chronic inflammation can be one cause of this, reducing serotonin in the brain and creating neurotoxins that cause depression.
​ ​
Inflammation triggers your body to divert Tryptophan away from the brain (where it would usually become serotonin) to help create immune cells to “defend the body” and in the process of making these immune cells, quinalidic acid is created, the neurotoxin closely tied to depression.

9. New superfood?
Sulforaphane is a key nutrient from veggies. Highest form is found in broccoli sprouts, specifically. Broccoli sprouts have 100 times more sulforaphane than other cruciferous veggies, including: Kale, Broccoli, Bok Choy, etc. This nutrient has been used in tons of recent studies and has been shown to have anti-aging and anti-neurodegeneration effects, improving autistic scores drastically, anti-cancer effects seen in studies with men with prostate cancer, protecting you from air pollution, reducing swelling in traumatic brain injury up to 50%, and more.

10. Are there benefits of time-restricted eating, a type of intermittent fasting?Like many other body processes, metabolism works best if in rhythm with your internal clock. That clock starts everyday the moment you ingest something other than water. Even that first coffee or tea signals to start metabolism in your body. Studies show that if you eat within a 9 or 10 hour timeframe everyday, there are a host of benefits from naturally eating less reducing the number of calories you eat (up to about 20%), and even lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol — One study found that four weeks of time-restricted eating during an 8-hour window lowered “bad” LDL cholesterol by over 10% in both men and women. The Salk Institute in California has been at the forefront of time restricted eating phenomenon, read more here.

Let’s imagine your body as a luxury car, wouldn’t you fill it with premium gas?

1. Exercise, the most expensive form of medicine. From a recent Time magazine article: “…scientists are learning that exercise is, actually, medicine. “There is no pill that comes close to what exercise can do,” says Claude Bouchard, director of the human genomics laboratory at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana. “And if there was one, it would be extremely expensive.”

2. Sweat your way to happy. Serotonin cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, so any serotonin that is used inside the brain must be produced inside the brain. Several lines of research suggest that exercise increases brain serotonin function in the human brain. 

3. Miracle-Gro for your brain? Aerobic exercise specifically can increase serum BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor), which grows new brain cells and heals others. According to Harvard Neuropsychiatrist, John J. Ratey, MD, author of Spark, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. BDNF is “a crucial biological link between thought, emotions, and movement.” And that “Physical exercise is really for our brains. It turns our brains on.”

4. Exercise is anti-aging? Exercise appears to slow aging at the cellular level. Once you hit 25 years old, your aerobic capacity decreases 10% per decade (or 1% per year). But a study shows you can reserve this natural aging with high intensity interval training regularly.  On the opposite end of this, a study showed sugary soda adds years to aging – the daily consumption of a 20-ounce soda was equivalent to an average of 4.6 years of telomere shortening.” Telomeres are the protective units of DNA that cap the ends of chromosomes in cells.

5. What do cold showers and high intensity workouts have in common?
Both increase the norepinephrine in your brain, which helps fuel the brains stress buffers, leading to lower rates of anxiety and depression. This strengthens connections between neurons in the brain to help you learn and remember better, which is an effect that happens immediately.

6. Take preventative measures. Studies also suggest that exercise is, as of now, the best way to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to BDNF, as mentioned above.

7. Mental and physical benefits: Exercise triggers the release of chemicals in the brain—serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphins, dopamine—that dull pain, lighten mood and relieve stress. “For years we focused almost exclusively on the physical benefits of exercise and really have ignored the psychological and emotional benefits of being regularly active,” says Cedric Bryant, chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise.

8. Effective rehabilitation.Can you believe that for decades, people with certain diseases were advised not to exercise? There is a new way of thinking now — it is advisable for those who suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes. And a recent analysis of more than 300 clinical trials discovered that for people recovering from a stroke, exercise was even more effective at helping them rehabilitate.

9. Shrink more than just fat. This seems like common knowledge – but your fat cells shrink and so does inflammation. After consistent aerobic exercise training, the body gets better at burning fat, which requires a lot of oxygen to convert it into energy. “One of the benefits of exercise training is that our cardiovascular system gets stronger and better at delivering oxygen, so we are able to metabolize more fat as an energy source,” says Anthony Hackney, an exercise physiologist at the University of North Carolina. As a result, your fat cells—which produce the substances responsible for chronic low-grade inflammation—shrink, and so does inflammation.

10. Detoxifying? Exercise has been shown to soak up neurotoxins in the brain which can be created by inflammation — all while guiding tryptophan into your brain, which is a precursor to serotonin production.


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What to Wear for Every Type of Workout

GOOP | February 11, 2018

What to Wear for Every Type of Workout

Today’s influx of culty workouts comes with its own set of challenges—specifically, finding high-performance gear that checks all the right boxes. Being equipped with the proper pieces can make a world of difference when it matters most (read: no mid-action wardrobe malfunctions). The below prove that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff…like your top flying over your head during downward dog.

Tracy Anderson

TA’s dance-focused classes use weight-shifting movements to put the core to work, which requires equally dynamic, unrestrictive gear, like a body-skimming leotard with built-in shelf support, to get through class unscathed. The curve-accentuating silhouette fares particularly well layered under sweats. Pro tip: scrunch the cuffs high on the calves, add sneakers, and take it from studio to street.

What to Wear Where

What to Wear Where What to Wear Where


When it comes to a sweat-soaked spin class, streamlined separates—a sculpted tank and matching leggings with zero excess fabric—ensure that nothing gets between you and your bike. Anatomically sound flat-lock seams are particularly crucial when working on form, both in and out of the saddle. Post-sweat, throw on a zip-up to keep muscles from cooling down too quickly.

What to Wear WhereWhat to Wear WhereWhat to Wear WhereWhat to Wear Where



Box + Flow

Equal parts feminine and fierce, the perforated puff-sleeve shirt pulls its weight for a boxing session thanks to its hyper-mobility—especially effective for jabs, hooks, and uppercuts; a cropped legging goes a long way towards keeping legs cool during cardio-fueled rounds. Bonus for the sleek side pockets (hi, hand-wrap storage).

What to Wear WhereWhat to Wear Where

What to Wear Where

Nike+ Run Club

The key to outdoor workouts is being armed with an all-weather layer you can throw on over a sports bra or under a puffer if need be. A ventilated technical long-sleeve pulls on (for warm-ups) as easily as it peels off (for cool-downs). Full-length leggings, complete with compression down past the ankles, go the distance for everything from trail-running to marathon training to hard-core sprints.

  • What to Wear Where

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Sky Ting

For a moment of Zen, Sky Ting’s Tribeca studio is the place to be for lengthening, strengthening, and unwinding. Start your practice off with a shed-able layer (this relaxed-fit racerback tank fits the bill) that you can ditch when the room really heats up. Underneath, a hardworking sports bra/crop top hybrid feels right at home with something high-rise for total tummy control when you’re deep in the flow.

What to Wear WhereWhat to Wear WhereWhat to Wear WhereWhat to Wear Where



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Fitness Guru Tracy Anderson Is Engaged! ‘I’m Already the Happiest Bride to Be on the Planet!’

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Fitness Guru Tracy Anderson Is Engaged! ‘I’m Already the Happiest Bride to Be on the Planet!’

JULIE MAZZIOTTA  | February 06, 2018 06:52 PM

Anderson announced on Monday that she’s engaged to her boyfriend Nick Riley.

Breakout the white workout gear! Trainer Tracy Anderson is headed down the aisle.

The workout guru to the stars announced on Monday that she’s engaged to her boyfriend Nick Riley, a Scottish banker.

“Going into the week and the rest of my life with my true loves kiss!” Anderson, 42, wrote on Instagram. “It’s only been three days and I’m already the happiest bride to be on the planet!”

Riley popped the question on Friday night, Anderson’s rep confirms to PEOPLE, while the couple is in Aspen for her annual Vitality Week summit.

Tracy Anderson/Instagram

“PS it was extra special to be able to share my engagement excitement with the #tamily during the Aspen Vitality week. @nriley00 love you….. SO MUCH!” Anderson added on Instagram.

Anderson, who regularly works with Gwyneth PaltrowLena Dunham and more, was previously married twice, and has a 14-year-old son, Sam, from her first marriage, and a 4-year-old daughter, Penelope, from her second.

 “Tracy, Nick, and Tracy’s two children are thrilled, and enjoying this special time together,” her rep told PEOPLE.



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