Technical FAQs

To troubleshoot any known technical issues yourself click here. For other technical difficulties, please view the list of FAQs below:


Q. What browsers are supported to view videos?

A. All standard browsers are supported. Choose from Safari, Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Make sure you are updated to the latest version of the browser. As long as you have the updated browser, you are good to go.

Q. What streaming devices can I use to view content?

A. TA Online Studio can be viewed on most streaming devices. You can also view on your Smart TVs such as Apple TV, Alexa, and Roku by casting from your laptop or mobile device.

Q. There is an error message when I try to view workout videos, what is happening?

A. Sorry for the inconvenience, it is possible that our team is working to provide you with a much better experience on our website, and will restore the page shortly. If you still face issues, please reach out to us here or via email at

Q. Can I stream TA Online studio on the go?

A. Absolutely! You can stream our content from any smartphone or tablet using our website, or our mobile app.

Q. I am unable to login to my account on the mobile app, please help!

A. Make sure that both the app and your phone is updated to the latest version.

Q. Is there a way to download workout videos to view offline?

A. To download videos, please use the Tracy Anderson Online Studio app available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Q. I downloaded workout videos but can’t view them a week later on the app, what happened?

A. New Online Studio workouts are uploaded every Wednesday evening ET, which removes the older content.

Q. While I’m working out, my video/live stream buffers, and I’m interrupted.

A. Low network bandwidth might be a reason for video buffering. Set video quality to Auto, and the player will adjust the stream based on available network speed. To troubleshoot the issue yourself, click here. For more help, please reach our Customer Service team here or via email at

Q. Can I download the Digital DVDs to watch offline?

A. No, the Digital DVDs are not available for download. To watch workout videos offline, subscribe to the Online Studio here. You will be able to download new videos each week on the TA Online Studio mobile app.

Q. I do not see TA videos on YouTube anymore, why is this happening?

A. We do not upload workout videos on our YouTube channel. For the latest Tracy Anderson content, consider joining the Online Studio program. You will even have the option to add ‘TA Live’ to your Online Studio subscription which enables you to virtually be a part of classes live from the studios. To learn more, click here.

Q. What is the difference between the Tracy Anderson App and the Tracy Anderson Online Studio app?

A. The Tracy Anderson app developed by Mindbody helps you schedule in-person classes at our studios. The Tracy Anderson Online Studio app lets you access your existing Online Studio subscription, view workout videos, and also download them for offline viewing.

Q. How many videos am I allowed to download on the app?

A. New content is released weekly which builds on the content delivered the week before. You will be able to download all videos for the current week, but they will expire when the new videos are made available the next week. All new releases usually happen on Wednesday evenings ET.

Q. Can I play the Online Studios on my phone with a landscape orientation?

A. Yes, make sure to turn on the Auto-rotate feature on your phone. Then just flip your phone sideways when you play the video and the player will automatically switch to landscape mode.

Q. Is it possible for me to transfer videos to my tablet PC from my phone?

A. While we do not support video sharing between devices, you will be able to download the TA Online Studio app on your desired portable device and view & download videos at ease. We support all major smart phones, tablets, and iPads.

Q. When on the Online Studio, I am unable to view the Class description for each video.

A. On your laptop or desktop computer, hover your mouse over each video thumbnail to view the class descriptions. If you’re using the mobile app instead, click on your desired video to open a new page showing the class description right below the video player.

Q. How can I bookmark the Online Studio home page on my browser?

A. Please see instructions on how to bookmark any webpage on different browsers below. Make sure to always update your browsers to the latest available version.

(Instructions might vary slightly based on the browser version you’re currently on)


      1. Open Safari
      2. Head to the webpage you wish to save in bookmarks
      3. Click ‘Bookmarks’ on the toolbar (top of screen), then select ‘Add Bookmark’ (from the drop down menu)
      4. On the menu that appears: Name the bookmark and add it to a folder
      5. Click ‘Add’

Mozilla Firefox

      1. On Firefox, navigate to the page you’d like bookmarked
      2. Use keyboard short cut: Ctrl+D (Cmd+D on a Mac)
      3. A menu will appear labeled: Edit This Bookmark
      4. Name the bookmark, choose the folder you want it in, then select ‘done.’

Google Chrome

      1. Open Google Chrome
      2. Go to the website you want to bookmark
      3. Then select the The icon that allows users to bookmark a page in Google Chrome. icon (far right side of the address bar)
      4. A menu will appear: name bookmark, select the folder, and click ‘Done.’

Microsoft Edge

      1. On Microsoft Edge, navigate to the webpage you want bookmarked
      2. Press Ctrl+D or select the Microsoft Edge favorites icon. icon (far right side of the address bar)
      3. A menu will appear, name the bookmark
      4. Choose a folder from the drop down menu titled ‘Save In’
      5. Select ‘Add’

Google Chrome (on mobile)

      1. Open Google Chrome on your iPhone or Android and navigate to the web page you want to bookmark.
      2. Tap the “Share” button on the right edge of the address bar.
      3. Tap “Bookmark.” A bookmark is automatically created and saved to your “Mobile bookmarks” folder.

Safari (on iPhone/iPad)

      1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad
      2. Navigate to the desired web page then tap the More icon More icon.
      3. Tap “Add Bookmark.”
      4. Enter the info, then tap “save.”