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January 8, 2020
By: Sierra Asplundh

Alicia McMachan is from St. Louis, MI – find and follow her on Instagram here: @ask_mcmachan

My story

In the first year of following The Method, I lost over 30 pounds and 30 inches! I still can’t believe how my body TRANSFORMED. I had paid thousands and thousands of dollars on personal trainers (easily $500/month just for a trainer) and nutritionists. I never had these results and didn’t love what I was doing. I had done every workout and diet. Although I had once weighed close to where I am now, I was never the size I am now. That is what is most amazing to me! I have a dress that I bought on my honeymoon and had not been able to wear it until after my transformation. I had only been doing the method as prescribed for 3 months and I had to take that dress in 3 inches!

I started with the Post Pregnancy DVD and Dance Cardio DVD, and from there I went to Mat, then The 30 day Method (major transformation!). From there, I started Metamorphosis Omni and when I got pregnant with my second daughter I did The Pregnancy Project during my pregnancy and Post Pregnancy 2 after I had her. Once I was ready and from the prescribed recommendations from the TA team, I started back with Metamorphosis. When the Online Studio launched, I was all in from day 1 and it’s been pure magic! Seeing the women in the studio, showing up everyday, inspires me to show up too.

That connection is immeasurable. 

While I was initially attracted to this Method because of the workout and physical results, it has become so much more for me. My connection mentally and emotionally has benefited just as much. Just like we are not genetically stuck in a specific body type, we can achieve our best selves through this workOUT and everyone who wants to CAN build their emotional intelligence muscle and mental toughness through the workIN! None of this is fixed. Our lives and bodies are so much more than genetics! It’s what we decide to make of our lives and it takes ACTION and consistent hard work. It’s not a competition of heart over head. It’s creating balance and having them be CONGRUENT with each other. The PER4MANCE Program has given me one place to turn to for all of this. It’s absolutely brilliant. And in a world of overwhelm as a mother, wife, business owner and friend, I am attracted to this SIMPLICITY and CONNECTION. I recently heard Monica Berg say, “The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing,” and this is one of the many reasons I keep showing up for all of these things in my life with an open mind.

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