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January 22, 2020
By: Sierra Asplundh

Joanne Lee is from Rockville Centre, NY – find and follow her on Instagram here: @josieleenyc

My story

As a former child competitive ice skater, I loved movement and exercise. Even though I stopped skating, I continued to find ways to workout throughout my adult years. However, 13 years ago when I had my first child, I stopped exercising regularly. Five years ago, when my second child was 3 years old, I decided to get my body back in shape. I saw online the Tracy Anderson Vitality Weekend and without knowing much about the method, I signed up. Nothing like taking classes in crazy heat and humidity with Tracy herself! Afterwards, I immediately signed up for at the time was her new Online Studio program. It was amazing, I could replicate the studio classes at my house!

The Vitality Weekend was the start to my journey back not to just my body, but to me. For many years, I was a working mom trying to juggle it all. During that time, exercise dropped which as I learned is a key component for my sanity. Tracy taught so much not just about her method but the whole mind-body connection. In addition, she mentioned the Instagram community of people doing her method-what has now grown to be known as #tamily. But it became more than just a fitness movement. I began connecting to ladies and friendships were born. These friendships I hold so dear in my heart because not only have they shared the method, they have walked through life with me.

What is amazing to me is that Tracy has been evolving and creating a space that is more than just exercise. For me, it is a journey of introspection. I move and meditate because in that, it has made me a better wife, mother, friend, sister, and ultimately just a down right better person. Since that fateful Vitality Weekend, I have stayed true to her method, doing the streaming workout about 5 times a week. I may feel drained and will take a less intense class, other days I have lots of energy and will take the Master Class along with 20 min of cardio. Whatever the day is, I try and start it with myself, on the mat.

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