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August 4, 2020
By: Sierra Asplundh

Suzanne Moore is from Fort Mill, South Carolina (formerly Tampa, Florida) – find and follow her on instagram here: @tampasuzanne

Since faithfully practicing this method, I have transformed as a person in several ways. When I started Metamorphosis in the summer of 2015, I was an out-of-shape, unbalanced, unhealthy, stressed 34-year-old workaholic with high-blood pressure and acid reflux. I finished the 90 days of Metamorphosis and then did a bit of Continuity. I even purchased a Vitality Week, thinking that would help me be consistent, but I still struggled with doing the workout six days a week. Once I found the #TAmily on Instagram, I started streaming in January 2016 with the first Got Your Back Girl challenge. That day was the start of my nearly daily workout. I knew Tracy was the method for me, but it took the community to inspire me to be consistent. By August 2017, I literally could not believe what I had achieved from a fitness perspective—I actually posted my stomach on Instagram.

I am now a 39-year-old athlete who is much happier, healthier, balanced, and confident. I stream my workouts every day, and I host Ask TAmily interviews every Saturday live on Instagram. Without my BFF Nichoel and all the #TAmily members who participate, I would never have gotten where I am today. This community is the most positive group of supporters I could ever imagine.

In my first year of TAM, I lost 50 pounds and achieved strength, flexibility, and endurance that I never thought possible. I did Advanced almost every day for two years. I began to balance my career and became a puppy mom. It’s all a journey, though, because I got promoted in September 2018 and had to start traveling four to five days a week, which changed my workout routine and reversed many of my results over 10 months.

A year later, I sought advice from Tracy at a Vitality Week when I really wanted comfort and reassurance. Instead of comforting me, she gave me accountability. She told me to follow the recipes in her Performance magazine and do my workout daily to lose the unhealthy weight I had gained back. I listened, and shockingly I lost 17 pounds in 42 days. Now I am back on the atTAin track and building my athleticism every day. Sometimes I even include five minutes of dance cardio. Some days I am still surprised that it’s really me in those post workout selfies, but I am more grateful for the way I feel, my ability to handle stress, and being healthier as I approach my 40th birthday than I was on my 20th birthday. I have reached a place of balance again. I know exactly where I would be without Tracy and the #TAmily, and I will never be there again. You have me for life, Tracy.