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January 16, 2020
By: Sierra Asplundh

Tara Struss is from Astoria, NY – find and follow her on Instagram here: @tarastruss_

My story

I have been following Tracy Anderson Method for 5 years, and during that time I have had an immeasurable amount of transformation both inside and out. I remember buying the Metamorphosis DVD, but to be honest I only ever tried it once! I just wasn’t ready, and threw in the towel too quickly. At the time I was about 300 pounds and just couldn’t make the commitment. So on my shelf it sat for years, until the summer of 2014. I had just had enough of being unhealthy, and feeling unworthy. I had so much emotional turmoil in my life that I needed a real release, and was ready to make some serious lifestyle changes. So I began my Metamorphosis journey and then on to Metamorphosis Monthly Continuity. I even still have all the multicolor post-it’s where I used to keep track of how many days I did each workout in my tiny New York City bedroom, as well as my measurements. I joined the Online Studio in 2016 and haven’t looked back since!

Since then, I have lost over 100 pounds doing the TAM, and went from a size 22 to a size 8. But I had some hiccups along the way. In the winter of 2015, I discovered I had an extremely large (the size of a football to be exact) malignant tumor on my right ovary and Fallopian tube. I had a major surgery that kept me out of work for over 3 months and off the mat for even longer. After working so hard and coming so far, I was completely devastated and frankly so scared I would gain all my weight back. But something radical had shifted in myself. I really can’t explain what happened but instead of turning to food to comfort me like I had for literally decades, I chose other positive ways to help me handle my turmoil and trauma.

When I was finally cleared for regular physical activity, I cried with relief and was so grateful to rejoin my practice with the #tamily. The method has become an immense influence on my life and my being, and is a great healing tool for whatever life throws at me. Nowadays, I stream 4-5 days a week and love to hit the NYC studios when I can! I truly believe this method helps us become more of who we are at our core, and it’s made me a better person because of it. I’m so grateful for Tracy and the whole team that brings this magical content to us every week.

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