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January 28, 2022
By: TA Editorial Team

Mindful movement is key to achieving an elevated state—both physically and mentally. TA LIVE members also know this to be true, and their unique experiences are a reflection of that. 

What Is TA LIVE?

TA LIVE is an innovative approach to fitness. An extension of Tracy Anderson’s Online Studio, TA LIVE connects you with our world-renowned training team, from the comfort of your home. Benefits include: access to 240+ virtual live classes every month as well as a complimentary digital subscription to Tracy Anderson Magazine.

Go behind the streams and discover what TA LIVE devotees love most about the streaming platform.* 

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“My energy is next-level! I show up, sing, move, and feel free.”

  • @kcringoli

“Post hip replacement, TA LIVE encouraged me to move from beginner back to intermediate.”

  • @shelleyddl

“I burn about 150 calories more in a TA LIVE class—same routine, same pace, different energy!”

  • @ori.ginaer

tracy anderson move wear

“It allows me to work out with TAmily when I’m not with them.”

  • @drjila_tam

“TA LIVE has empowered me to take control of my health—mind, body, and soul.”

  • @melanielaman

“It’s given me much more motivation and discipline for showing up on the mat.”

  • @__heken

“Different playlists bring new life to each class.”

  • @the_zeit_heist

“TA LIVE gets me on the mat at a specific time! No pausing or distractions, just go.”

  • @elizabeth_does_tam 

“I can’t wait to work out every day. I feel confident and strong!”

  • @pipergreylife

move wear tracy anderson

“It’s been changing my whole life.”

  • @rozkri

“TA LIVE makes me forget about worries and supports my mental health.”

  • @kathieanne

“It’s helped maintain my core in optimum shape which relieves me of chronic back pain.”

  • @mariaelenaterrero

“More accountability since I can’t pause, plus the energy!”

  • @baileyy.wheeler

We strive to build a community that empowers, supports, and inspires—one that connects you with our world-renowned training team, from the comfort of your home. And TA LIVE does just that. 

Ready to connect? Upgrade your Online Studio membership to include TA LIVE to stream over 240 live classes each month. This is only the beginning.

*Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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