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February 2, 2022
By: Tracy Anderson

The following is an excerpt from an essay that originally appeared in the Winter 2022 issue of Tracy Anderson Magazine, available now for digital download and print orders.

I firmly believe that you must have a choice in what you reach for to nourish yourself, or you are sacrificing a primal, guttural tool you need to survive and thrive. Diets that over control you switch off inner conversations that define your mental and physical health.

One thing I believe about balance is we have to harvest our nutrition from the earth and know there is no such thing as prepackaged nutrition. The truth is your workout takes a little time and your food prep takes a little time, but the return on your investment is a lot more quality time.

You are in the driver’s seat here. Sit with yourself and assess how you feel in relation to potentially unhealthy weight you feel is not serving your health. Maybe you feel your nutrition just isn’t optimal, or you lost your healthy, glowing skin and shiny hair. Is your energy off? Is your mood low? Whatever the case may be, we have carefully crafted four categories (purées, soups, salads, and mains) for you to see the results of mixing and matching. Choosing what sounds good to you or what you are ready to explore making.

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tracy anderson what i eat in a day

What a personal weight management day looks like for me:*


I start my morning with lemon water mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt. I always have a coffee, and I take it black with a thin layer of oat milk foam, only ever on top.

For breakfast, I opt for an apple blueberry purée. It has a wholesome sweetness to it, which gives me energy throughout the start of the day.


A hot broccoli and cauliflower salad, and a parsnip, carrot, peas, and herb purée for lunch. It leaves me satisfied, but never sluggish.

If you are trying to dodge the dreaded afternoon slump and shift your mind from a bag of chips or a piece of cake, I have a few options that can work in your favor: half of a dark chocolate bar or a dairy-free, allergen-free Enjoy Life chocolate bar, or an additional portion of the fruit purées. If I feel my mind is spinning—and I have nowhere to drive—I will opt for one crisp glass of wine.


For dinner, I would pair a fennel and pea soup with an herb-roasted black cod. The soup is super flavorful and light, and the cod is protein-packed and surprisingly hearty.

*Tracy does not watch her portions with her recipes and we do not recommend portions for her recipes as they are designed to enjoy until you feel nourished.

tracy anderson magazine the wonderland issue

For access to all recipes listed above (and so much more), pick up The Wonderland Issue of Tracy Anderson Magazine, now available for digital download and print orders.