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Victoria Beckham’s workout can be downloaded at home.

Victoria Beckham took to Instagram this week to praise her favourite fitness regime, The Tracy Anderson Method. Anderson has been the go-to personal trainer for the LA elite for years, with a roster of A-list clients including the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow, Courteney Cox and, of course, VB herself.

There’s a reason that The Tracy Anderson Method has endured within the Hollywood set, bearing in mind that these are people who could call upon any trainer they liked to whip them into shape, and from what Davis and Paltrow say, it seems the magic lies in the small things. Tracy Anderson often uses smaller, more precise movements to achieve greater, more sustainable change in the body, and the popularity of her practices certainly implies that they offer up great results.

Whilst there are no Tracy Anderson studios in the UK as of yet, you can still sign up to the online studio here, and download classes to follow at home. If it’s good enough for VB…

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